80 to 66 Kg in 75 Days | Read Dr. Ritu’s weight loss transition

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Aug 2021

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weight loss transition

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14 Kg Gone In Just 75 Days: Dr. Ritu, a wonderful medical officer from Mohali approached us all worried about increased numbers on the weighing scale and wished to come out healthier on the other side. Thus, read her inspiring weight loss transition.

weight loss transition

Challenge 1- Busy Life

Being a working woman and having a lot on her plate, Dr Ritu found it hard to take care of what is actually on her plate. So, she laid her trust in us to plan a weight loss diet that would fit into her busy schedule.
After working closely with Dr Ritu, understanding her lifestyle, likes, and dislikes, our dietitians came up with a diet plan that not only helped her shed weight but also improved her energy levels.

Challenge 2- Dr. Ritu Is A Healthcare Professional

Dr Ritu Bhatia is among the selfless people who have offered to serve the nation without worrying about their well-being. This is why we wanted to offer her the take she truly deserves. Our dietitians took special care while planning her diets and made sure to provide her with immunity-boosting foods that would help her immune warriors as she was busy helping her nation. The right diet yet again did wonders! Thus, Dr Ritu was able to get rid of 14 kg in JUST 75 DAYS!!

Challenge 3- Cheat Meals

For someone working so hard, cheat meals toh bante hai boss!
Dr Ritu was super punctual and followed her diet perfectly. She was hence rewarded with treats of her choice to keep her motivated and also speed up her weight loss.

So, can you keep a secret?

She lost all this weight with cheat meals in the picture.😉

Moreover, a big shoutout to all the healthcare professionals out there who have been selflessly serving us all. 👏🏻🙌🏻

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