Dry Fruit Laddu Recipe: High Fiber And Zero Sugar [Full Video]

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Jul 2022

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energy ladoo

Cooking Time

15 mins

Total Time

25 mins

  • Almonds - 40 gm
  • Walnuts - 40 gm
  • Cashwes - 40 gm
  • Desi Ghee - 1 Tsp
  • Dates -13
  • Roasted Seed Mix - 80 gm
  • It doesn’t always have to be a Diwali party, we Indians just need a reason to have sweets or what we call “mithai”. From celebrating board results to the smallest of good news, one mithai that we all love and can’t do without is “Laddu”. We all are familiar with motichur laddu, besan ke laddu, but have you ever heard of energy laddu? We bet you haven’t. Here’s a healthier version of this Indian sweet, so that you can enjoy your “laddu” without holding yourself back. This dry fruit laddu recipe contains no sugar and no flour. So now have a laddu without becoming one!                                                         

    dry fruit laddu recipe
    • To begin the dry fruit laddu recipe, in a deep pan, pour some ghee and add almonds, walnuts, and cashews altogether.
    • Now, let them roast until they turn a little brown and aromatic.
    • Subsequently, grind the roasted seeds in a mixer to form a fine powder.
    • Further, deseed the fresh dates and blend them with little water, until a thick slurry is formed.
    • Then, mix all the ingredients well, and you will have the laddu batter ready.
    • After that, start making small round balls with your hands as shown in the video.
    • Lastly, garnish the top with fresh nuts.
    • Finally, you have your delicious healthy dry fruit laddu ready.


    • For further use, store them in an airtight container.
    • Since this laddu is of hot potency, consume only 1 a day.
    • Making these dry fruit laddus is easier than baking, so it’s perfect when you are feeling lazy.
    dry fruit laddu

    Health Benefits Of Dry Fruit Laddu [Zero Sugar]

    • These laddu are also known as energy laddoo because they are rich in fiber.
    • Also, ghee is rich in linoleic acid, or CLA which helps combat obesity. It has no unhealthy additives, preservatives, and trans fats and is shelf-stable.
    • Moreover, almonds, cashews, and walnuts are loaded with dietary fibers, which keep your gut healthy and strong.
    • Dry fruits are full of protein, calcium, and minerals. They are also low in fat and sugar, therefore, they are excellent for weight loss.
    • Flax Seeds and pumpkin seeds are loaded with fiber and healthy fatty acids, which keep your stomach satisfied for a longer time.

    Nutritional Value Of Laddu

    Nutrients Value Per 100 grams
    Artificial Sugar0 grams
    Fiber9 grams
    Protein21.84 grams

    Healthy Tips For Weight Loss By Dietitian Mac Singh

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      29 Jul 2022

      I am a laddu freak, been eating laddus for end number of years. Thanks to fitelo for this article, will start having the dry fruit laddu from now on.

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