Looking for the fastest way to lose weight? Read Rahul’s inspiring story.

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Jul 2021

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fastest way to lose weight

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21 Kgs Gone in 90 Days: Rahul Sharma from Jalandhar approached us with his concern about increased kilos along with constipation and bloating issues. Rahul is someone who has been used to working out. However, hitting the gym didn’t get him any results. Moreover, he required a balanced diet to nourish and take care of his body as he sweats it off at the gym every day. Let us find the fastest way to lose weight and read Rahul’s inspiring story. 

Rahul’s challenges to lose weight

Challenge 1 : Slow Metabolism–> Slow Results

He had no fixed time pattern of eating and also had a very poor lifestyle. Our dietitians worked very closely with him and came up with a customized diet regime catering to his likes, dislikes, and lifestyle.

Challenge 2- Stuck Weight

After losing a lot of kilos, there came a time in Rahul’s journey where the weighing machine refused to show any changes. The results were then visible in his inch loss. Moreover, our diet helped him lose the fat and retain his muscle mass.

Challenge 3- Facing Bloating & Constipation Issues

He used to get frustrated and also demotivated in terms of the results being hampered by bloating and constipation issues. Thus, our dietitian planned such meals that improved his gut health overall. Thus, the results provided him constant support to boost his morale all this while.

Challenge 4- Cheat Meals

Being a Punjabi, Rahul is a foodie and could not give up on his favorite foods. From eating maggie, butter chicken, and aloo paranthas, he got it all planned in his diet. Moreover, the results are in front of you 😊
Rahul was also provided nutritious pre and post-workout meals. He also went an extra mile to appreciate our post-workout smoothies.♥️

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