Ravi from Rajasthan reversed childhood obesity aided by our fat loss consultants

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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37 Kgs Gone In Just 150 Days

Ravi Bishnoi from Ganganagar, Rajasthan, reached out to us with his childhood obesity problem. He has been obese since childhood. When he started working his health became even worse as he had to sit at one place for long hours. That is when he got to know about the many transformations that are possible under the expert guidance of FITELO’s fat loss consultants.

Although Ravi was not a couch potato, being in the Agriculture sector, he used to do a lot of physical activity, but still he gained a lot of weight in very little time due to improper eating schedule and habits.

We created a customized diet plan for him that could fit into his busy routine. The assigned fat loss consultants gave him cheat meals as well, but gradually, they started pushing him towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our fat loss consultants planned cheat meals every week. He had a social life and loved having different varieties of Paranthas. Moreover, he had a sweeet tooth. So, our dietitians mostly planned the food that he loved. In Ravi’s own words, never once did he feel that he was on a diet.

Throughout the diet, Ravi kept an optimistic approach. He was very disciplined till he reached his goal. With willpower and dedication, Ravi lost 37 kgs in just 150 days!

More importantly, Ravi got into the habit of healthy eating and living, which will help him throughout life!

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