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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Feb 2022

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If you ever feel like quitting, remember why you started! Today’s fat loss and muscle gain transformation story involves Post-pregnancy weight gain, thyroid and an irregular menstrual cycle, all together! But, like every other challenge, we took this one sportingly, and as part of our fat loss program, aided by our client’s commitment, reached our goal!


Pragya, a housewife from Delhi, joined our fat loss program with weight gain concerns, especially after her delivery. In a bustling household and amidst child duties, taking care of her health became a difficult task for Pragya. So, our dietitians’ helping hand and well-curated diet was enough to fast-forward her weight loss journey.

Our dietitian planned healthy egg and vegetarian recipes for her as per her preference. In addition, Pragya loved rice and sugar. We made sure she had rice in a healthy way as poha, yummy khichdi etc. And we gave sugar alternatives to her to restrict the amount of unhealthiest white sugar.

Pragya followed the fat loss program with the determination to succeed. So in just 30 days, she lost a lot of inches without losing any weight (she was already in her BMI range)! How? Because she got rid of all that extra fat and replaced it with muscle!

Our reward, you ask? Pragya used to feel lazy and low on energy all the time before beginning the diet because of her damaged metabolism and medical concerns. But now, she feels super active🏃🏻‍♀ her body is also toned, and her period cycles are now back on track! All this was achieved, without any extra physical movement or exercise.

Pragya you rock! We hope you maintain a healthy lifestyle always.

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