Harjot’s fat to fit transformation

fat to fit transformation

23 kgs gone in just 90 days

 fat to fit transformation

Harjot’s background story

“A GOAL without A PLAN is just A WISH”
And we are turning dreams into actions and are focussing on fulfilling the desires of our amazing clients with an easy dietary program. Harjot Singh a great well known Welding Technician from Elora, Ontario contacted us about his lazy health issues. Thus, read Harjot’s fat to fit transformation to know how we helped him get rid of all his problems and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lesson: 1: Healthy lifestyle is the key. You gotta start by taking baby steps, similar way Harjot started worked on himself and seeing minor improvements in his life.

As we are all much aware of the ongoing long time work process, He was also busy in his work 24*7. He was not able to give time to himself and was lacking in his health. Harjot used to be caught up in such a busy schedule that he had two weeks afternoon and two weeks morning schedule for nine hours respectively with no fixed breaks. Moreover, his day was hectic enough to deal with himself. Due to such a hectic lifestyle, he didn’t like to cook. All that could help him that time was the outside food to overcome his hunger. With his chubbiness, he was so inactive that he just wanted to lay in bed for long hours and was so lethargic at times.

Lesson: 2: Diet plays an 80% role in shaping your body both physically and mentally.

Worried Harjot decided to approach us to help him and come out healthier on the other side. Thus, after working closely with Harjot and our dietitians came up with an intervention that would fit in his busy lifestyle like a glove. Our dietitian worked closely with him considering his likes and dislikes. We also planned a diet with a variety of foods which not only helped him drop extra kilos but also improved his immunity and made him feel healthier.

Lesson : 3: Consistency is the key. Your efforts would turn in massive results but the key is to keep going and not give up in between 🙂

The weight loss journey was such a surprise awakening for him as he never could visualize himself dropping of such major kilos with his busy life. At present, he is so self-concerned and is also living his healthy and vigor life.

Lesson 4: Trust a dietitian fully with transforming your lives 😊

Now he enjoys everything to the fullest. He has regained his energy levels and the result can be seen in the after picture 😀 It is just the correct guidance with the appropriate diet that transforms the lifestyle of a person.

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