Fat To Fit Transformation: 5 Inspiring Weight Loss Journeys [2022]

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Aug 2022

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fat to fit transformation

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How to start a weight loss journey? Is it easier than you think or what? Is it all about Calorie deficit, portion restriction, or crash diets? No, actually it’s about meals on time, mindful eating, consistency, dedication, determination, and many more. Fat to fit transformation does not happen in a day, week, or in a month. Everyone’s body is different, and we at Fitelo don’t focus on quick fixes, but on optimal health. So, that there would be no bounce back.

Just with homemade food and keeping in mind our clients’ issues, preferences, likes, and dislikes, we have transformed thousands of lives. Here, we have enlisted the fat to fit the transformations of our clients. Let’s have a look:

Fat To Fit Transformation #1: Homemaker Lost 12 Kg In 60 Days With Irregular Periods

fat to fit transformation

Navneet Kaur, a homemaker approached us with her concerns:

  • Weight gain
  • Irregular periods

She wanted to get in shape and had a sweet tooth. And we never limit anyone to having their favourite food. She even enjoyed meetha during the journey.

  • We just planned a normal weight loss diet that is simple meals with early morning drinks.
  • She always followed the diet properly and dropped 12 kg in just 60 days with a massive inch loss.
  • Her periods are also on track now. 
  • She was so sweet and dedicated all along the way.

Navneet, you are an inspiration. Keep Going. 

Fat To Fit Transformation #2: Paneer lover Aishwarya Lost 20 Kgs With Hectic Schedule

weight loss

Fitness comes to you, when you set a goal for yourself, when every day you give it your all and when you put your health first. And such transformation happens when these factors work altogether.

Aishwarya Sahu, from Ireland, is in the IT profession. She approached us when 72 kg on the weighing scale started bothering her.

  • She is a Paneer Lover, but Oats Cheela is not at all. So, as per her preferences and hectic schedule, we always planned diets with different combinations, but easy to cook.
  • Also, she never had any complaints about anything and followed her diet so well. Even with the diet, she did a lot of physical activities. She followed the weight loss tips given by us.
  • With such a hectic schedule, she followed her diet properly and this determination made her lose 20 kgs in just 2.5 months.

Aishwarya, Keep glowing.

Fat To Fit Transformation #3: Losing Weight And Looking Younger At The Same Time

heathy life

Aman came to us through social media a year back and dropped us a comment on one of the posts saying she also needs to reduce weight. We reached out to her and understood everything about her body, weight, lifestyle, and even habits.

  • Being a mother and having a busy routine, we had to create a plan to fit into her lifestyle. Our dietitians worked closely with her, and one month later, she was changed.
  • We worked on her lifestyle, building healthy habits and routines rather than just weight so that her weight doesn’t bounce back.
  • Aman lost 24 kg in 4 months working with us, and after one year, her weight is maintained at 66kg from where exactly she had left.

We are so proud of you, Aman. Stay Healthy! Stay blessed!

Fat To Fit Transformation #4: In 30 days 7.5 kg gone with improved acidity and stress levels.

weight loss with anxiety

Neha, A homemaker from Goa, reached out to us with major concerns like:

  • Weight Gain
  • Severe Acidity
  • Anxiety disorder

Firstly, after knowing her schedule, lifestyle, eating habits, likes, and dislikes, we started customizing a diet plan. Weight loss with acidity is not that easy, but yes it’s possible at Fitelo.

So, just with homemade food, she lost 7.5 kgs in 30 days.

Good job Neha! Way to go.

Fat To Fit Transformation #5: Meetha Lover Gini from Canada lost 26kgs in just 150 days.

fat to fit transformation

A few days back, Ginny visited our Mohali office and surprised us with her progress.

She was a completely different person than what we saw 150 days ago.

  • The Journey: Ginni from Canada reached out to us with concerns about massive weight gain. She also had issues with fibroids. So, we immediately aligned her with the best disease management and weight loss expert, and off began her lifestyle transformation journey!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Ginni was a diehard meetha lover! Doughnuts were her favourite especially, so our disease management expert planned her diet in such a way that she enjoyed all her favourite foods, but still achieved her target weight and go disease-free. The dietitian also made ensured that the foods that trigger fibroids disease were not added to her diet. The goal instead, was to make her condition better with natural food.
  • The Challenge: The best thing about Ginni was that she was disciplined and positive in following the diet plan. But There was one challenge in particular that bothered us. Her weight got stuck at a point between 71 and 72 kgs. But Fitelo hai, to sab mumkin hai. What next? The dietitian and client both worked together to make the seemingly impossible task possible.

Ginni lost 26 kgs in just 150 days-time! The inch loss was massive too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Transformation Is Good For Health?

Ans: The transformation from fat to fit is always good for health. It not only helps look good but also helps you to get rid of many diseases caused due to overweight.

Q: How Long Do Weight Loss Transformations Take?

Ans: Well, the transformation journey may vary from person to person but on average, it will take approximately eight weeks to see and feel the change. But to accelerate your transformation journey you can have various diet plans for weight loss designed by Fitelo dietitians and nutritionists.

Q: Can Drinking Water Burn Fat?

Ans: Yes, drinking water is very essential to achieve your weight loss journey. It improves body metabolism, keeps you hydrated all the time, and burns stored fat

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Yes, everyone’s body is different, so it’s not necessary that if a weight loss diet plan worked on one, so same will work for another too. In the weight loss journey, rather it’s Bharti Singh’s weight loss journey, Smriti Irani’s weight loss transformation, Sara Ali khan’s, or Adnan’s, what is common in every journey is, consistency, determination, proper diet, and dietitian. So, many factors play important role in the weight loss journey. Therefore, Fitelo focus on your optimal health, not just on numbers on the weighing scale.

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