Ashima’s fat to fit transformation

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Apr 2021

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fat to fit transformation

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fat to fit transformation

Let us share Ashima’s fat to fit transformation story with you. She lost 37 Kgs after struggling for a long time.

Weight loss and staying fit has been a struggle all of her life, just like many others. Being obese since childhood, she tried everything. Best workout to lose weight, going for fad diets, trying supplements – she tried everything.

Ashima’s background story

  • Ashima hails from Haryana and is a student. For a student, especially the youth of today, confidence means everything.
  • And whether we like it or not, today’s youth are greatly impacted by the way they look. At 105.5 Kg, Ashima was losing her confidence. She started avoiding events, social gatherings, and family functions. She has a family history of Diabetes. Her increasing weight was causing the risk of Diabetes to go up.
  • The extra weight also led to the development of symptoms of PCOS, one of which being irregular menses. This was a cause of concern. She started working out.
  • After struggling for months, she lost 7 Kgs. But it required a lot of effort and time. It felt like a burden. It meant modifying her routine to add cardio 2 hours every day. If she could not go to the gym for a few days, her weight would start bouncing back.

Lesson 1 – Exercise has a 20% role in weight loss and 80% is diet.

  • Her coach asked her to keep a track of her calories. It is not a bad approach. But it is not the best approach either. Even if she would want to eat a slice of cake, she would do it as long as her calorie quota allowed it.
  • Half knowledge is dangerous. She would eat junk food as long as her calorie quota permitted it. But her parameters were getting bad. She thought she was not doing enough.
  • She asked her coach for the best exercise to lose weight at home so that she can do more workouts at home.
  • After a few months, she was tired and frustrated. Life and routine got the better of her. Gradually, she was not able to continue and all her weight bounced back.

Lesson 2- Calorie counting is not a good way to go about weight loss. 1 Calorie from Coca-Cola is not the same as 1 Calorie from a Chapati. Instead, focus on the basics – sugar is bad for you.

  • She did some online research. She decided she will go for a diet plan as diet plays the most important role in getting fit and staying healthy.’
  • After seeing a bunch of fat to fit transformation stories, she decided to work with a dietitian in Panchkula, Haryana. It started well and she lost a few kilos in the beginning.
  • But it included a lot of fancy foods, different kinds of grains, leaving a lot of things she loved and whatnot. But, she wanted to get well. So, she kept going.
  • She kept losing weight but had little motivation to do so after a few months. Eventually, her cheat meals started to increase and her plan was failing.

Lesson 3 – A good and sustainable diet plan is one that is natural and has no medicines or powders. It should be a part of an individual’s routine and lifestyle.

  • By this time, her extra weight also led to the development of symptoms of PCOS, one of which being irregular menses.
  • She decided to take matters into her own hands. After her gym and dietitian experience, she had an understanding of the basics.
  • So, began her journey of watching tonnes of videos on Youtube and searching for content on Google. Her favorite search phrase on google was the best exercise to lose weight and ‘pcod diet plan’.
  • She created her own diet and exercise plan. She came across tonnes of foods that could help her in the journey. So her kitchen shelf changed and now it had all the latest so-called health foods.
  • Sadly, it did not work for her either. Rather than losing weight, she started gaining weight. She was devastated.

Lesson 4 – Processed food and outside food can cause its nutrition to go down. A wholesome meal is the perfect one. If it is cooked at home, it is even better.

  • While being so active on social media, she found our page. She was inspired by the facts and hidden truths we were sharing. She was inspired, how a good diet plan can actually cause miracles. Ashima was again inspired by the fat to fit transformation stories she saw there.
  • It gave her a lot of hope. She approached us in December 2019.
  • She got in touch with us and was very optimistic about her weight loss. Here is the first thing we explained to her.

Lesson 5 – You don’t need to run after losing 10 Kgs in 2 month’s, you need an approach which can help you to lose weight and sustain it. You need to be disciplined and willing to make changes in your lifestyle.

  • Our dietitians worked closely with her and after walking a mile in her shoes, came up with an intervention that would suit her vegetarian lifestyle and help reduce her PCOS symptoms and bring her menstrual cycle back on track.
  • We also worked on reducing her stress and helping her get better sleep as it plays a crucial role in overall health.

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