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Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jun 2022

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female weight loss diet plan

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Age – No bar, Medical Condition – No bar, when you have the determination. Renu from Chandigarh lost 30 Kg in 6 months with a female weight loss plan and still maintaining it.

female weight loss diet plan

Renu Chibber at the age of 58 visited us last year in our office which was on the 2nd floor. At first, she hesitated to climb up the stairs, because of her injured knee. Anyhow, she reached up there. Her medical conditions like knee pain, thyroid, uric acid, and blood pressure were bothering her a lot.

So, doctors advised her to lose weight urgently. But at the age of 58 and having a knee and back injury, the gym was out of the question. She even had trouble walking. So, we at Fitelo understood all the issues and enrolled her in a female weight loss diet plan.

The Journey

We worked with Renu – being conscious of her medical conditions and carefully created a diet plan for her. Our dietician planned a variety of food, keeping in mind her likes and dislikes. It was Renu’s hard work and dedication to keep going.

Renu lost 30 Kg in 6 months with simple home-cooked meals without visiting any gym or any supplement. With the diet plan, she lost 15 kgs, her weight got stuck for one month. But she kept going and started seeing the results again.

Female Weight Loss Diet Plan Result

Renu is now walking comfortably. She visited our office once again after her transformation. We felt so glad after meeting her. She enthusiastically climbs up 2 stairs to meet us without any fear.

We Thank you, Renu for putting your faith in us and never stopping even when your weight was stuck. Her medical conditions are improving and she is leading a healthy lifestyle now.

You are a motivation for all Renu, great going!

It has been 6 months since Renu lost all the extra weight and got better and we are happy to share that she has not regained a single Kg. She now understands how to eat mindfully and is managing her lifestyle on her own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is It Safe To Follow A Diet Along With Workout For the Elderly Group?

Ans. Yes. As mentioned above, fitness & health have no barriers.

Q. What Foods Should Old Aged Group Avoid?

Ans. It is even more crucial for our health as we get older to choose healthier foods and drinks. Unpasteurized milk and dairy products, fried foods, high-sodium foods, and some raw produce are a few of the things to avoid or limit at any age.

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