Chhaya’s fat to fit tak weight loss journey

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
May 2021

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fit tak weight loss journey

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Lost 13 Kgs in 4 Months – Read Chhaya’s fat to fit tak weight loss journey.

fit tak weight loss journey

Her background story

Replace excuses with effort, laziness with determination and everything will fall in place. The following transformation story speaks to this notion.
Chhaya, a hard-working and confident HR personnel cum entrepreneur from Gurugram approached us with her concerns related to her increasing weight. Striving to maintain a perfect between home and work, requires Chhaya to remain on her toes all along the day. However, the increasing trend in the weighing machine is something we all dread. She approached us with the desire to come out healthier and fitter on the other side and was ready to go all in. She was extremely perseverant through the course of the journey and hence stands before you as an inspiration.

Myth 01- Drastically Cutting Down On Calories Helps Lose Weight

  • One of the most common myths floating around requires you to bring about a drastic change in the amount of food you eat so as to shed weight, without paying heed to how adversely this affects the body.
  • However, we at FITELO strongly oppose this notion. While these fancy ideas help you drop weight, they slow down metabolism which paves the way for a number of troubles.
  • When Chhaya got on board, our dietitians bought about minor modifications in her current lifestyle, so as to help her adapt.
  • As rightly said ‘Rome was not built in a day, our constant efforts over time and her never give up attitude helped us graph the results you now see.

Myth 02-Your Attitude Has No Role To Play In Weight Loss

  • Motivating the mind and the body will follow, is something we constantly ask our clients of and also come up with ways to keep them motivated all along the journey.
  • The body just functions to the commands of the mind. Hence, your approach toward weight loss plays a greater role than you think.
  • Chhaya’s most endearing quality is her positive outlook toward any activity she takes up. Her willingness to try new recipes and our constant guidance are what bought her this far.

Myth 03- Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

  • While supplements form a huge industry, reliance on them is not something we vouch for.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle will help you lose weight in a sustainable way and stay healthy over the long term.
  • After reading through Chhaya’s lifestyle, likes, and dislikes, our dietitians came up with the perfect intervention for her which did not include any supplements.
  • Interestingly, the results you are seeking do not come from pharmacies in the form of tiny pills but lie in the heart of your kitchen waiting to be embraced.

Myth 04- Saying No To Reward Meals Will Surely Shed Weight

  • Remember when we were kids and would get treats from our elders for being good? Why did we stop doing that
  • Perhaps because we were conditioned into believing that these treats were harmful to us.
  • We at FITELO have a very motivating elderly approach toward weight loss.
  • We treat our clients with cheat meals, which symbolizes our appreciation and is proven to add fuel to weight loss.
  • Chhaya’s constant efforts gained her quite a few treats and helped achieve the desired results, leaving her smitten in love with the process.

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