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Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Jan 2023

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Foods for Irregular Period

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Nothing in life is easy and simple, and if we talk about periods, they are no exception. Periods are those days during the month when females dread. And for the majority of women, periods are a big problem as they cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Also, many females go through irregular periods which are more painful than regular ones. To ease this pain women should consume foods for irregular periods to regularize them.  

Thus, women have uncomfortable symptoms during menstruation. But some foods can lessen these symptoms, and few can make them worse. These symptoms may include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swing

For women who experience these symptoms, starting by adding certain foods to their diet and removing others can help them feel better. 

9 Foods For Irregular Periods

Here below is the list of different foods for irregular periods that can help you to ease your menstrual pain or cramps

1. Parsley (अजमोद) Tea/ Juice

What does it do:

Parsley juice or tea is one of the most effective home remedies for treating menstrual irregularities. It is one of the oldest known remedies to have your period on track. Consuming parsley tea or juice twice a day on your regular days to regulate menstrual cycles. It also reduces menstrual pain.

How to use:

Boil a cup of water. Add a handful of parsley leaves to it. Then strain the tea and consume it twice a day. 

2. Boil Ginger Water/ Tea

What does it do:

Ginger is well known for its pain-relieving powers, and it is highly recommended for regulating periods. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to get periods early. To have a better result start consuming ginger tea.  

How to Use:

Boil 1 inch of freshly ground ginger for 5 minutes in a cup of water. Add a sieve and honey (optional) and consume them to relieve your pain.

3. Use Celery (अजवाइन)

What does it do:

One of the most popular sure-shot ways to prepone periods is to have celery. You can have it in as many ways as possible. Celery herb increases blood circulation and blood flow in the pelvic area. It thus brings menstrual flow earlier than expected.

How to use:

Boil a handful of celery in a cup of water and consume it like tea. Also, you can add celery to any meal and salad. 

4. Carom Seeds (अजवाइन)

What does it do:

Carom seeds, popularly known as ajwain or अजवाइन. It helps the human body to generate a lot of heat in the pelvic region. This aids the uterus to shed linings faster, bringing the periods to an earlier-than-expected date.

How to use:

With a glass of warm water, take a spoonful of carom seeds and consume them. Do this once a day during the evening or morning for better results.

5. Dates (खजूर)

What does it do: These fruits generate heat in your body which is why they are preferred in winter. So always include dates in your diet if facing irregular periods.

How to use: Take 3-4 dates with warm milk daily at the night before sleeping. By doing this you can feel relieved during menstruation. And if taken every night before sleep during winter months, it will definitely have positive effects on your reproductive and menstrual health.

CTA ImageCTA Image

6. Jaggery (शक्कर)

What does it do: Natural Jaggery is good for health and also another heat-generating food that people use to consume in winter. Mainly jaggery is known for treating the cramps and pains in the menstrual cycle. Also, it increases hemoglobin in the blood, so it is preferred mainly by physicians. 

How to use it: You can take one small piece of jaggery after consuming your meal. Jaggery has properties to increase hemoglobin so, consuming it after your meal will be beneficial to increase your blood circulation. Jaggery is also advised by many doctors to be consumed during periods because of its propensity to increase hemoglobin in the blood. 

7. Turmeric (हल्दी)

What does it do: Turmeric powder is an emmenagogue that functions as a stimulator of blood flow in the uterus and pelvic region. Due to its antispasmodic effects, it expands the uterus, signaling the onset of menstruation.

How to use it: You can consume turmeric with hot or lukewarm water or milk before going to sleep. It is very useful for women to get periods easily. 

Foods For Irregular Periods To Limit

Here is the list of foods for irregular periods that should be avoided during to have regular periods: 

Foods For Irregular Periods To Limit
  • Alcohol: It may reduce cramps or pain temporarily. But it may also increase estrogen levels, thus worsening the period symptoms and cramps.
  • Caffeinated Drinks: It is one of those drinks that worsen your period cramps. As it increases blood pressure and heart rate. Consuming coffee or any other caffeinated drink will lead to tension, and anxiety attacks, and also worsen your PMS symptoms. 
  • Processed Foods: Avoid foods such as frozen, fast foods, pickles, canned soups, etc. all these food items come with unknown ingredients and preservatives. These foods are not good for your body as they can interfere with hormones and can amplify your PMS discomfort.  
  • Foods High in Fats: Consuming fatty foods during the menstrual cycle will influence hormones, lead to painful cramps, and also make you feel gassy. These days, your skin is already sensitive, and incorrect food choices during these days can make it worse and cause dehydration.
  • Dairy Products: It might be a surprise but avoid dairy products like milk, cream, curd, cheese, etc, during your menstrual cycle. All these dairy products are high in arachidonic acid which can act as a trigger for menstrual cramps.

Do’s And Dont’s

Following is the list of dos and don’ts during your menstrual cycle: 

  1. Whole Grains: The presence of fiber, protein, and vitamins improves the hormonal balance and reduces symptoms of heavy menstruation. But the presence of high-glycemic carbohydrate sources, such as white bread, etc, on the other hand, can worsen your symptoms so always avoid bread during your cycle. 
  2. Oily Fish: Oily fish, such as salmon, lake trout, etc. provide rich amounts of protein and healthy fats. All these healthy and rich fats are crucial for hormonal balance and to get pain relief during menstruation. Start replacing your protein-rich source with saturated fat, such as cheese, red meat, etc.
  3. Fruits and Vegetables: Starting with plenty of vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta-carotene is also crucial for improved hormonal balance and menstrual health. For eating sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots, cantaloupe, and sweet peppers. You can also include vitamin C sources including citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, brussels sprouts, etc.

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Bottom Line

Apart from adopting all these effective, easy, and home-based remedies, in much worse cases take advice from your physician or doctor. So that you can get medical treatment from an expert as per your body type and condition. Moreover, the issues regarding your menstrual cycle are half solved once you come to know the root cause and start your treatment accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Cure Irregular Periods Naturally?

Ans: Start drinking papaya juice which is equally beneficial in curing irregular periods. Also, you can consume cinnamon as it generates heat in your body and treats your irregular periods.

Q: Is Ginger Good for Irregular Periods?

Ans: Ginger is a superfood. Maybe it is getting rid of colds to improve digestion, ginger seems to be the number one health spice. So, always indulge in some ginger tea if nibbling on ginger is too hard a task.

Q: Does Cinnamon Help with Irregular Periods?

Ans: Consuming cinnamon, you will notice a rise in your body heat and that property itself. Cinnamon is counted under the best foods to treat your irregular periods and also help you lose weight.  

Fun Fact

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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