Gazal’s Transformation With Fitelo’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Oct 2021

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weight loss diet plan

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Weight loss after Pregnancy: Lost 16 kgs in 120 days: Gazal is a young and dynamic business lady from Patiala. She also happens to be a junk food lover and mother to a little child. The challenging yet rewarding process of childbirth took a toll on her health and weight. Gazal got concerned about her increasing kilos and then decided to approach us for a weight loss diet plan.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Since this businesswoman was very new to motherhood, the whole process of handling it was stressful. She was a lactating mother at that time. For a new mother, the entire process is super tiring and hectic. So, our dietitians made a customized weight loss diet plan. This was done so that her daily nutrition requirement gets fulfilled as well.

Gazal was fond of drinking milk and loved eating from outside. So, our dietitian made the weight loss diet plan that she enjoyed her favourite food items in the form of unique recipes and also got a plethora of outside eating options.

The dietitian added completely vegetarian meals to her weight loss diet plan as per her choice. So, a lot of cheat meals, and 120 days later, Gazal lost a total of 16 kgs! Moreover, she accomplished this without compromising on her likes and preferences.

If this young and junk food-loving mother can reach a healthy weight while eating all of her favourite things, you can too! 💛🥰

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