Let Us Fight The Heat Of Summer With This Ginger Mint Water

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jul 2019

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Ginger Mint Water

Cooking Time

10 minutes

Total Time

10 minutes

  • Ginger - 2 Inch
  • Mint Leaves - Handful
  • Lemon - 2 (optional)
  • Water - 1 Jar
  • Ahh! summer is here again and so is the thirst for water. Going to work in the hot sun, sweating after getting ready nicely, and then just imagine, the light goes off there are no Acs working! We understand how would you feel, and to be true, we all have been in this situation a lot of times.
    But what if we give you a permanent and easy solution to this? Yes! To stay fresh and hydrated you can carry a bottle that has ginger mint water in it. Ginger mint water…what is this now?
    So, this is a drink, which is made of ginger and mint and as you keep drinking, you will keep losing extra fat and inches also, wao, isn’t it?
    Moreover, the best part is you can skip making this, again and again, every day, as you can store it in your fridge and keep using it till the next day. So, try now and just chill!

    How To Make Ginger Mint Water For Weight Loss

    • So, first, place a pan with water on a medium flame and allow the water to get hot.
    • Secondly, in it add chopped ginger and mint leaves and mix well.
    • Now, pour the water into a jar strain it, and allow it to cool.
    • Once cooled down, you can consume one glass either then and store the left water in the refrigerator and use it the next day as well.


    • You can also, use a lemon. Slice the lemon and add to the water. This is, however, a good option to use in your diet plan for weight loss also.

    What Are The Benefits Of Ginger Mint Water?

    👉🏻Ginger helps relieve the symptoms of nausea and also, helps in digestion.

    👉🏻Also, ginger reduces cholesterol levels, further preventing you from heart diseases.

    👉🏻Moreover, ginger is rich in many antioxidants that help you prevent certain types of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

    👉🏻Consuming lemon, is, however, a great way to improve irritable bowel syndrome.

    👉🏻If you have digestion problems, then adding lemon to your diet can help you improve that also.

    👉🏻Because mint has certain properties that help boost metabolism and digestion, this further, aids in weight loss.

    So, after reading about these benefits, you will understand how beneficial is ginger mint water.

    Nutritional value Of Ginger Mint Water

    Calories6 Kcal
    Total FatLess than 1 g
    Carbs1 g

    How Does Ginger Help In Weight Loss?

    Let us talk about this ingredient, and how can it help you in losing weight. So, yes, ginger helps you lose weight and also, according to the experts, the efficacy of ginger plays an important role in obesity management. However, ginger affects how your body burns fat, digests carbohydrates, and further, uses insulin.
    As per scientists ginger also inhibits how much fat your gut absorbs and controls appetite. Therefore, adding ginger to your diet for weight loss is a great way to start your day, and also, the easiest to take a first step towards your fitness goal.

    Weight Loss Vs Detoxify

    So, here the confusion gets cleared.
    Weight loss is the reduction in the overall body weight, which means loss of weight from muscle, fat, and water.
    While on the other hand, fat loss is the loss in subcutaneous fat loss which is the fat below the skin, and visceral fat loss which is the fat in the abdomen or around the organs.

    How About Trying Other Weight Loss Drinks As Well?

    Apart from ginger mint water, you can also, try the below-mentioned weight loss drinks and add them to your detox diet plan. Let us take a look.

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    Here is a video by Dietitian Mac, that you can enjoy by watching his amazing recipes to lose weight and stay fresh. This in total has 5 types of drinks that you can give a try.

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    So, who says, miracles do not happen? Because they surely do and you will also, start believing in them when you try this. Get this added to your liquid diet for weight loss.

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    4. Lemon Iced Tea

    Yes, this is my favorite of all, not just you. But now, you can consume it in a way that will help you lose weight. Here it is.

    5. Weight Loss Drinks

    Here is presenting the best detox water recipes for you. These are easy and quick to make.

    CTA ImageCTA Image

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Does Ginger Mint Water Help Lose Fat?

    Ans: Yes, ginger mint water benefits weight loss and fat loss as well.

    Q. What Is The Right Time To Consume Ginger Mint Water?

    Ans: You can consume this drink in the morning and also, carry it with you to your workplace and keep sipping. This will help you stay hydrated and help in losing weight.

    Q. Is Ginger Mint Water Good For Weight Loss Or Detoxifying the Body?

    Ans: Ginger mint water is sort of a detox water only, which will help your body detoxify and as your body gets detoxified, you will automatically lose weight.

    Weight Loss Transformation

    Watch this amazing transformation by the expert dietitian of Fitelo. So, believe in yourself, and start working towards your fitness goal now.

    Fun Fact

    Nowadays, people have become too modern, call it from children to aged. But while becoming modern, they have actually forgotten how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food. Either they are living in myths, or have chosen a lifestyle that according to them is healthy. For an instance, if asked, which one would they choose between modern caesar salad and desi rajma chawal for weight loss, they would say caesar salad. But do you think that is the right answer? To know click on the link and welcome yourself to reality.

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    To help you to make healthy food choices, we writing this blog. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

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