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Sapna Kanojia

Sapna Kanojia
Oct 2020

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Guriqbal’s weight loss journey

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No matter where you are on your journey, there is no better inspiration than Guriqbal weight loss journey. There is a variety of reasons why people wants to lose weight. Some want to improve their health conditions and some want to improve their appearance, while others seek to stop using food as a coping mechanism for emotional struggles.

The reason to lose those extra pounds can be different, but I assure you this inspiring weight loss success story will inspire you a lot and give you the motivation to begin your journey towards a new life.

Here we are going to share Guriqbal weight loss journey an inspirational story of a school teacher and going to tell you how she transforms her life. We will tell you how she struggled with her overweight- and overcome- a tough challenge like depression, anxiety, and feeling of worthlessness to achieve their weight loss goals. And do you know what that means? You can do it too!

Guriqbal Weight Loss Journey: A Teacher Lost 16kgs In 100 Days

Guriqbal Kaur from Amritsar lost 16Kgs and 10 Inches (Overall) in just 100 Days with improvement in the thyroid. She was suffering from obesity for a long time, and this leads to depression, anxiety, and feeling of worthlessness. Moreover, she had undergone a hysterectomy too. Being a teacher, she has a hectic lifestyle. She tried all the possible ways to lose weight but due to her busy schedule, nothing works for her. Making the matters worse was her medical condition which was affecting her weight-loss process. At the age of 44, she decided to completely transform the way she looks. Let’s see how she did this!

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Guriqbal Kaur Weight Loss Transformation Journey

Guriqbal Kaur weight loss journey begins the day she reached out to us with her weight gain concern. She was worried about her increasing weight and medical conditions like thyroid, and high blood pressure. Our medical experts did a counseling session to know everything about her medical condition.

Our dietitians and nutritionists worked with her and created a customized diet plan for her. We focused on adding simple homemade diets which she doesn’t have to cook separately just for herself. Being a food lover, we added ample options for her to eat out and added a lot of variety to her plan.

Results don’t come that easy, it was Guriqbal’s hard work, dedication, and motivation to get better. We just worked with her to find the right direction. Our vegetarian diet to lose weight helped her to burn fat, improved her medical condition, and motivated ad her to live a healthy lifestyle. She not only losses weight but also overcome depression, anxiety, and feeling of worthlessness. She gained confidence and improved her overall personality.

We are so proud of Guriqbal weight loss journey and her dedication. You are an inspiration for others. If you are dedicated enough, everything is possible.

If you’re still not inspired by Guriqbal’s weight loss journey, then you must watch one more such transformation journey that will help stay motivated.

Weight Loss With Thyroid? Is It Possible?

The first and most important tip of endocrinologists regarding weight loss methods for such a disease as hypothyroidism is the statement that no diet is a temporary measure. An Indian weight loss diet will help you lose weight and keep the result only if you perceive it as a constant diet, habit, discipline for yourself, and benefit for the body. Of course, it is not always easy to follow a healthy diet even outside of hypothyroidism, and with such a diagnosis, it is much more difficult to restore the balance of metabolic processes. 

Hence, in hypothyroidism, the metabolism of almost all substances in the body is disturbed: fat (lipid), protein, carbohydrate, mineral, water-salt, etc. Slow, inadequate digestibility and processing of substrates into energy, building materials for the body is one of the main factors that prevent weight loss and provoke an abnormal increase in excess weight which is why doctors recommend losing weight in the thyroid. 

How Fitelo’s Diet Plan Helps In Transformation

At Fitelo, we have transformed 25000+ lives with diet plans of our client’s choice and preferences. Read these inspiring stories of our clients to understand how a customized diet plan is the key to weight loss and can completely transform your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Quickly One Can Lose Weight With Thyroid?

Ans: If you’re suffering from thyroid don’t expect instant weight loss. The thyroid affects the overall body’s metabolic process. So first of all you need proper medication and constant diet, habit, discipline for yourself and benefit for the body. Therefore, it will improve your body’s metabolic process and help you lose weight.

Q: How Much Weight I Can Lose With a Thyroid Problem?

Ans: Well, it completely depends on person to person. But if hypothyroidism is treated correctly, you can achieve your weight loss goal.

Q: What to Include in the Diet Menu for Hypothyroidism?

Ans: Proteins are favorites for patients with insufficient hormone production. Protein-rich foods perfectly stimulate metabolic processes and are one of the sources of materials for the production of hormones. Hence, it is the best building material for muscle and connective tissue, protein products have a positive effect on the digestive system. Practical benefits – quick and easy to prepare, go well with fats, rich in useful trace elements.


It doesn’t matter how hectic your schedule is if you have the zeal to live a healthy lifestyle like Guriqbal Kaur. Take a look at Guriqbal Kaur weight loss journey with Fitelo and how our expert dietitian helped her achieve her goal.

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