Guriqbal’s weight loss battle against thyroid and hypertension


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Guriqbal Kaur from Amritsar lost 16 Kgs and 10 Inches(Overall) in just 100 Days with improvement in the thyroid.

Guriqbal from Amritsar was suffering from Obesity for a long time. She reached out to us to help worried about her increasing weight and medical conditions like thyroid, high blood pressure. Moreover, she had undergone a hysterectomy too. Being a school teacher, She has a hectic lifestyle.

She tried losing weight before and was never successful. Making the matters worse was her medical condition which was affecting her weight-loss process. At the age of 44, she decided to completely transform the way she looks.

We worked with Guriqbal and created a customized diet plan for her. We focussed on adding simple homemade diets which she doesn’t have to cook separately just for herself. Being a food lover, we added ample options for her to eat out and added a lot of variety in her plan.

Results don’t come that easy, it was Guriqbal ‘s hard work & dedication, and motivation to get better and start living a healthy lifestyle. We just worked with her to find the right direction.

We are so proud of you mam. You are an inspiration for others. If you are dedicated enough, everything is possible.

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