Gurpreet Success Story Will Prove You Nothing Is Impossible

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Feb 2023

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Gurpreet Success Story

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Who said weight loss is difficult when you are a working woman? Well, surely almost every one of you must have the same thought process, right? But we at Fitelo totally disagree with this, because we have amazing and beautiful success stories among which is Gurpreet success story.
This will surely surprise you and inspire you to work towards your fitness goal now.

Recap Before Gurpreet Success Story

So, talking about Gurpreet Kaur’s transformation, Gurpreet is a smart woman and independent in life. She is a professional and knows how to manage her finances. Her job keeps her quite busy and is such that she has to stand for long hours. However, during this schedule, Gurpreet had put on a lot of weight that was disturbing her and it was then one day she planned to get slim and fit.

Here Comes The Role Of Fitelo

So, the day she planned to get fit, she contacted us and told us about her problem. Also, she told us that she had done so much of exercises and spent hours at the gym trying to lose weight but could not even lose a single inch. However, she was tired of trying everything on her own and now wanted a proper weight loss diet that works for her.

Fitelo’s Contribution

Fitelo, is known for its diet plans because they are special and have never anyone let down. One of the expert dietitians was assigned to Gurpreet who first asked her if she had any medical concerns which thankfully she did not, got to know her routine, asked her how busy she was, and then worked towards Gurpreet Kaur’s diet plan.

Customized Diet Plan Behind Gurpreet Success Story

So, the dietitian prepared a diet plan for weight loss, according to Gurpreet’s convinience.
The diet had meals that were easy to cook and the ingredients required for it were easily available in the market. Moreover, there was a cheat meal given to her so that her diet stays exciting and flavoful.

And as a result, Gurpreet lost 7.8 kg in just 30 days. Woho! this actually calls for a clap becuase this is one of the startling transformation and she looks beautiful.
However, it is not only about the diet, the dedication and corporation of the client also, works side by side and we are proud of Gurpreet to be so determined towards her goal that she did not give up and kept her self on the right track.

Weight Loss Recipes

So, here are few recipes that you can add to your everyday meal to lose weight. they are not just healthy but have flavors and are tasty and will make your meal a happy meal.

This Greek salad is an excellent choice to add tour diet and have it as a lunch, mid snack or dinner.

So, people who love eggs, can try this yummy dish of scrambled eggs and have it with a slice of bread or even a roti. This is a good option to add to Indian diet plan to lose weight.

Knowledge Before Losing Weight That Led To Gurpreet Success Story

Well, losing weight is possible if you are focused and have made up your mind to get a specific number on your weighing machine. However, before you start your weight loss journey, there are few things that you should have knowledge about. So, to know about it go through the below blog and get to know.

Benefits Of A Good Diet Apart From Weight Loss

  • Healthy eating increases your span of life and you tend to live longer.
  • A good diet will always keep your eyes, skin, and teeth healthy and prevent you from going to the doctor.
  • Moreover, it supports the muscles and builds the bones of the body keeping you healthy and strong over all.
  • If you will eat well, then you will of course stay away from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.
  • A rich diet is also, very helpful for healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding, further, keeping a child healthy.
  • Also, eating well will always keep your digestive system strong and healthy and will boost your immunity.
  • A diet rich in vegetables will also, nourish your body with essential nutrients and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

What if, along with inspiring you from the transformation stories of such hard working clients, we provide you with free 7 day diet plan? Shocked? Well, don’t be, because truely you are not day dreaming the free diet plan is right below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Was Gurpreet Success Story Just About Weight Loss Or Was She Suffering With Health Issue?

Ans: Gurpreet just wanted to lose weight which she did but no, she did not had any other health concern.

Q. Is Weight Loss Possible For a DIabetic Person?

Ans: As said, Fitelo, makes everything possible from impossible and so yes, weight loss for people who have diabetes is 100% possible. You can however, go through this diabetic diet plan and contact us for more.

Q. Is Weight Loss Possible In 1 Week?

Ans: Yes, you can lose weight in just 7 days and for a proper diet plan you can contact the dietitians of Fitelo and moreover, ask them for a customized diet plan.

Fun Fact

Is there a wedding at your place which has come out of now where? And you feel you have gained weight and want to lose it quickly? So, wait a minute, stop here, take a long breath, and take a customized diet to lose weight.

Contact Us Today

Your search to find the right guidance to be a part of all those fat-to-fit stories ends here. So, contact us today if you are looking for a diet plan with cheat meals. Also, we will discuss how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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