Gut Friendly Paratha Recipe That Will Fill Your Tummy In A Healthy Way

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Jun 2021

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Gut friendly Paratha

Cooking Time

15 minutes

Total Time

20 minutes

  • 1- potato ( boiled and mashed )
  • 1/4 tsp - Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 tbsp - chopped onions
  • Sprinkle of black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp - ginger paste
  • 1 cup - chopped cauliflower greens ( boiled and mashed)
  • 1 tsp - desi ghee Or white Makhan
  • 1/4 tsp - cumin
  • Gut Friendly Paratha Recipe is a quick and easy recipe that is prepared, with simple and readily available ingredients in your kitchen. With being healthy, this parantha is flavourful and yummy. 

    Your gut is home to millions of bacteria and other microbes, both healthy and bad, and can have a significant impact on your health. This is known as the microbiome. The secret is to maintain a balance between beneficial and bad microorganisms.

    A strong immune system and illness prevention are both benefits of a healthy gut. These foods will support the development of gut bacteria and enhance your overall health.

    Let’s check out this healthy gut friendly dish!

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    How To Make Gut Friendly Paratha Recipe

    1. Add desi ghee in add and add cumin seeds.
    2. When cumin crackles, add the chopped onions + ginger paste and saute well.
    3. Add salt + pepper along with cauliflower greens and saute them well.
    4. Then, add mashed potato and mix well.
    5. Roll the stuffing into a ball shape and then keep it aside.
    6. Then, knead a soft dough and make parantha. Have it with fresh curd.

    Health Benefits Of Gut Friendly Paratha Recipe: Ingredients By Ingredients 

    Potatoes, Cauliflower, and other veggies are all heart-friendly vegetables thanks to a plant compound called sulforaphane. So adding them to your dish makes it healthy as well as tasty. However, what are the hidden benefits we’re missing in each ingredient of this wholesome gut friendly paratha for weight loss? Let’s check it out, Ingredients By Ingredients!

    How Healthy Is Potato For Weight Loss?

    Because potatoes have a strong nutritional composition, both white and sweet potatoes may aid in weight loss. They both contain high levels of vitamin C, which is crucial for enhancing immunity. They are also excellent providers of fiber, protein, and healthy carbs.

    How Healthy Is Onion For Weight Loss?

    A person may consume fewer calories and feel satisfied for longer thanks to the soluble fiber in onions, which will aid in weight loss. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in onions, is known to boost metabolism and aid prevent the accumulation of fat.

    How Healthy Is Cauliflower For Weight Loss?

    Cauliflower is an excellent source of fiber, which slows digestion and increases feelings of fullness. This could assist in lowering your daily calorie intake, which is crucial for weight management. Another feature of cauliflower that promotes weight loss is its high water content.

    How Healthy Is Ginger For Weight Loss?

    According to studies, ginger consumption can increase calorie burn, decrease hunger, and is linked to weight loss in overweight persons. Additionally, it has been connected to improvements in inflammatory proteins, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and liver function.

    How Healthy Is Himalayan Pink Salt For Weight Loss?

    Which salt is good for health? This a question we all must address. Our body’s cells retain water when we consume too much salt. Himalayan salt crystals, in contrast to table salt, cause the cells to release more water. The body may be further enriched with minerals and nutrients by pink Himalayan salt.

    How Healthy Is Black Pepper For Weight Loss?

    Numerous studies support the idea that adding this spice to your diet will hasten the weight-loss process. There is no harm in incorporating it into your diet but watch your intake.

    How Healthy Is Cumin For Weight Loss?

    Because of a special active component called thymoquinone, a naturally occurring molecule with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, cumin may be able to aid in weight loss. Thymoquinone can help your body rid itself of pollutants by targeting free radicals in your body.

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    Fun Fact

    Cornflakes or muesli, are a staple so-called healthy breakfast in our homes. They are healthy, they are convenient and they provide all the nutrition. That is what we think. But is it true? Your body isn’t consuming the so-called 40-45 grams of portion. However, you end up eating 90 grams of cereal along with milk which has more calories and more sugar.

    Bottom Line

    Your body needs healthy ingredients so it gets easy with digestion which also leads to a healthy weight loss journey. Taking care of your gut is very important. Hence, this gut friendly paratha will help in the proper portion of your weight loss management and taste too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Gut Friendly Paratha Good For Weight Loss?

    Yes. This amazing recipe consists of potatoes which are a good source of fiber, which can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer.

    Can Gut Friendly Paratha Reduce Belly Fat?

    Mostly yes, they possibly can help with belly fat. These parathas include high levels of nutritional fiber, protein, and minerals including manganese, magnesium, iron, and copper making paratha cooked with it waist- and heart-friendly.

    Is Gut Friendly Paratha Good for Health?

    Yes, it is. This wholesome dish includes loads of benefits because of its added ingredients like veggies, ginger, etc.

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    This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your health before starting a restrictive diet. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

    Eat Healthy, Live Healthy as well as Enjoy a long happy life

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