Harbir’s Weight Loss Success Story

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Dec 2020

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Harbir's weight loss success story

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15 kgs gone in just 150 days.

When it comes to food, it is not an easy task for a hosteler to manage the same. With tasteless mess food, the majority of the college students, in the end, give in to unhealthy junk food. In a matter of time, they do not realize that it can take a serious toll on their health. Continue reading about Harbir’s weight loss success story.

Here is a real and similar story of Harbir from Ferozpur. Harbir, an MSc. student reached out to us for an online diet consultation with her increased weight. Since the studies kept her occupied throughout the day, thus she had no time for any kind of physical activity.

Consequences of her obesity

At a very young age of 22 years, due to her weight, Harbir used to appear more than her actual age. It became a tough task for her to cope in society, especially amongst her peers. Her gained weight led to extreme deficiencies in her body. Being pre-diabetic, we had to plan a diet considering all her medical concerns. In a way to help her beat her medical issues along with her weight loss.

Challenges faced by her

Staying away from home in a PG, Harbir had no source of cooking. She even changed her stay twice. Also, the management of meals along with college was not that easy for her. And, we at Fitelo made it possible for her. Thus, we customized a diet plan which included less cooking. And outside eating options were also included. We did not want her to miss out on her social life. Adding to that, we even planned her cheat meals during her journey.

We are very proud of Harbir for being able to manage such an incredible weight loss success story. Thus, you are a perfect example for all the students out there who think managing a healthy diet and taking care of their health in a hostel is not possible.

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