Have a sweet tooth & struggling to lose weight? Read Simran’s story

Sahil Bansal

Sahil Bansal
Aug 2021

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9 Kgs Gone In 45 Days With A Dramatic Inch Loss: Simran Sharma a wonderful marketing professional in Delhi approached us to help her lose weight. She also wanted us to work on her having a sweet tooth. A major part of Simran’s job requires her to travel and be on constantly. Because of this Simran was not able to focus her attention on her health. Another problem she faced was constipation.

sweet tooth

From the moment we had her on board, our dietitians worked very closely with her to help in every way possible. Simran was given a diet with a variety of healthy, easy to cook meals. Thus, this made her fall in love with the process.

Like most of us, Simran has a sweet tooth. Moreover, she is very fond of chocolates and coffee. So, we didn’t want to deprive her of the joy of eating these. Thus, the cheat meals including chocolates were perfectly spread across Simran’s week.

Simran is constantly on the move. In fact, in the beginning, when she was in Dubai she didn’t have utensils. But still managed to follow the diet very well. She also lost tremendous inches. Not to forget, the weight loss diet helped her cure her constipation and boost her metabolism.

Another very endearing quality about Simran was her positive and communicative behaviour. She always questioned whatever she didn’t understand. Adding to that, she was very open about all the issues she faced. This helped us help her better.

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