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Jun 2022

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An all-time favorite snack and the love of all, which is hard to neglect at any time and is delectable- yes we are talking about sandwiches. This portable meal makes healthy eating much easier in our busy world! So, we bring to you these delicious healthy sandwich recipes that are satisfying, tasty, and easy to make. Let’s scroll and find out the best recipes:

1. Paneer Grilled Sandwich

A typical and the most basic Indian type of sandwich for paneer lovers to begin with and is effortless too. We gave it a special healthy twist just so you can eat it guilt-free. Moreover, it is even low in calories so you don’t have to think twice before preparing it.

2. Healthy Soya Sandwich

You can even have this whilst being on your weight loss journey. Gym Lovers, this will become your go-to food once you try it. Thus, we have packed it with all of your favorite veggies to make it one of the best versions of healthy sandwich recipes. So, this can be a good snacking option for people who are not fond of soya chaap in particular.

3. Rainbow Sandwich

Clearly, as the name suggests this comes in a number of colors. Each color is filled with nutrients your health needs. This is one of the immunity-building sandwiches and is our very own design altogether. Surprisingly it can be prepared as an all-season munching snack or a meal to satisfy your hunger. So, give it a try today and customize it as per your choice.

4. Peanut Butter With Cucumber Sandwich

Looking for a go-to post-workout healthy snack? Then, peanut butter with a cucumber sandwich is a must-try recipe. In fact, it helps get your body the nutrients required to regenerate your energy after a definite workout session. Further, feel free to play around with this recipe to make it your own.

5. Carrot Egg Sandwich

Two delicious protein-packed ingredients in one. This recipe can be made in a jiffy just like the peanut butter sandwich you fell in love with. Tastefully packed with the most important essential vitamin A!

6. Hung Curd Sandwich

Oil and guilt-free preparation is knocking on your door, so prepare and relish it. The most important benefit of this is being one of the best in building a healthy gut.

7. Egg White Sandwich

This fitelo-style healthy egg white sandwich recipe is positively the perfect alternative to your busy morning egg omelets as the high satiety levels of eggs lead to less hunger and a lower desire to eat, which helps in weight management also.

Eating shouldn’t feel like hard work, after all. Given the right fillings and some effort, it can become a great meal that can satisfy your day. Easily prepare your desired healthy treat with this list of appetizing healthy sandwich recipes.


Brown Bread Vs White Bread, Which is good for healthy sandwich recipes?

No doubt having a slice of bread is a lot more convenient than making a chapati. Most commonly the general question asked is whether you should use white bread or brown bread while preparing your sandwiches.

Brown bread has just 1% more atta than White bread. Surprisingly, It doesn’t really matter what you choose for your sandwich. But nowadays, due to commercialization, a pack of bread you buy in the morning is full of unknown substances like oils, chemicals, preservatives, and emulsifiers which are not necessarily healthy for you.

Can I replace bread with anything for the healthy sandwich recipes?

Definitely, you can. In fact, you can make it more healthy by using the leftover Rotis or Kulcha from your lunch/dinner time and making it a healthy wrap. Here is the recipe for weight loss roti wrap.


Weight loss is coupled with calories. Did you also count your calorie intake today? Well, the fundamental flaw in calorie counting is that it never tells us about the hormonal response of the foods. In this video, we take you through all the loopholes that the calorie system has.

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