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Oh, that generation is gone, when kids used to eat whatever, their mom used to give them. While the present is the generation when kids make faces upon hearing about boring meals and want something tasty in their every meal. Well, for mothers it is surely, a difficult task to cook something new and flavorful every day for their children. Also, because they are kids, their health is also, important so, their meals should, however, be full of nutrients essential for the body and the growth. Therefore, now you do not have to worry as below is the list of 15 healthy snacks for kids that you can serve them with and make their every meal a happy meal.

What Are The Healthy Snacks For Kids?

Well, nowadays, children are fond of outside food which is unhealthy. So, here are the healthy snacks for kids which are the best substitute for unhealthy foods. Moreover, it is a better version as it has double yummy taste and flavor. It is, however, important for every meal to be nourishing and healthy. So, below are the 15 healthy snacks that you can make for health and nutrition activities for kids in which they can try and cook the below recipes at home that they will surely enjoy eating.

1. Rainbow Dumpling

Make your meal a happy meal with yummy and healthy at the same time, with rainbow dumplings. They are easy to make and are one of the fiber rich foods. It will provide your body with iron and protein also.

2. Rainbow Sandwich

Nothing is as healthy as a sandwich with a healthy stuffing. This rainbow sandwich is packed with nutrients and has variety of colorful vegetables in it. So, time for some healthy and tasty eating.

3. White Sauce Pasta

It is difficult to say no, to the dishes like ‘pasta’, right? So, here presenting you is the recipe for white sauce pasta but with a healthy version. Yes, it has vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, and all the essential nutrients required for the body making it one of the best healthy snacks for kids.

4. Oats Maggi

Maggi is everyone’s favorite, whether a kid or an elder one, this is preferred by all. Also, it is the easiest option to cook, especially when someone is hungry as it takes just 2 minutes. But a lot of people avoid eating it now, as they say, it is unhealthy. Well, now you don’t have to worry, as Fitelo presents you with the Oats Maggi recipe where real oats have been used making it a healthier version. So, cook stress-free and eat enjoyably.

5. Veg Burger

After trying this recipe for the veg burger, surely you will forget burgers from KFC, burger king, and other restaurants. This one is quick to make and your kids will surely enjoy eating it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry while giving this burger to your children as it is healthy.

6. KFC Popcorn

Why spend money to eat something unhealthy and fried when you can cook the same recipe at home that too with the same taste and more healthily? Yes, this recipe of KFC popcorn is juicy, crispy, and safe to eat, making it one of the best, most tasty, and healthy snacks for kids.

7. Soya Momos Recipe

What if you get your favorite dish at home without any compromise in taste? Yes, Fitelo presents you with a recipe for soya momos, which are healthy and can be eaten without any worries about putting on weight or thinking momos are unhealthy. Make your children happy.

8. Soya Tikki

Daily nutrition for kids is very important and keeping this in mind, here is a perfect snack to eat for breakfast, lunch, evening, or even dinner. You can make your kids happy by cooking them a soya Tikki recipe that is not only tasty but also, healthy. Especially when served with chutney, will definitely, make your mouth water.

9. Baked Samosa

A cup of tea with samosa has always been the best combination for everyone. But there are people who do not let their children eat as they are unhealthy and so much fried. So, here is a healthy recipe for your children, ‘baked samosa’ which they will relish and would surely, ask for more.

10. Nachos Salad

Oh yes, who does not love nachos? Well, every child enjoys eating them, and is also, fun healthy snacks for kids to make. The nachos salad recipe is crispy, tasty, and healthy at the same time, and let children add their favorite vegetable to it.

11. Zucchini Noodles

All children are fond of noodles, but their parents are probably not, maybe because they worry about their children’s health. But, now even the parents do not have to worry, as here is a recipe for zucchini noodles, which you can cook at home healthily and serve your kids yourself and that too happily.

12. Vada Pav

How about enjoying Bombay food sitting anywhere in the world? Yes, the recipe for vada pav will make you feel as if you are sitting in Bombay and eating it. Despite, having the same taste, it is also, healthy. So, serve your kids this delicious snack now.

13. Hot Dog

A hot dog is been famous and relished for its shape and taste for years. Even you as a child must have eaten them many times and now is the time to let your children also enjoy them. So, Fitelo presents you with a recipe for a hot dog, which is not only packed with its yummy taste but also essential nutrients for the body. So, cook and make your children eat a homemade hot dog.

14. Chicken Cutlet

So, it is time to serve your children a yummy snack along with protein. Yes, the recipe for chicken cutlet is protein rich and has the required nutrition for kids that your child wants for healthy growth. It will not take much time of yours and is also, easy to cook.

15. Crunchy Lollipop

A Crunchy lollipop is the best option for healthy evening snacks for kids. Dipped in sauce and eating will surely, get a smile on your children’s faces. So, what are you waiting for? Make your children happy and healthy by cooking this amazing recipe now.

How Junk Food Is Killing Your Child’s Future

Although we have mentioned to you the 20 healthy snacks for kids, it is, however, important to know how junk food can be harmful to your children. So, watch this video by Dietitian Mac and start substituting your child’s unhealthy meals with healthy meals by checking out other Fiteo recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Healthy Snacks For Kids Help In weight Loss Also?

Yes, if your child is overweight, the above-mentioned snacks will help in weight management instead of giving weight gain.

Q. Will Healthy Snacks For Kids Lead To Weight Gain?

Ans: No, healthy snacks will not give them weight gain because they are made healthily and ingredients used are also, not harmful but rich in nutrients.

Fun Fact

Diwali is almost here, which means your house will be full of sweets. So, celebrate this festive season with a healthy kalakand recipe that will not only melt in your mouth but will also, give health benefits, Moreover, this can be had even by people who are diabetic.

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