Do You Know Which Are The Best High Protein Foods For Weight Loss? Know Here!

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High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

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High protein foods for weight loss?


Well, it is true. Staying connected with Fitelo will definitely clear your a lot of myths like these.
So, it is not necessary, that protein is had only by the people who want a gain in their weight, build their body or muscles. It can also, help people who want to lose weight.

Eating a protein-rich diet prevents you from overeating which further, helps you lose weight. Moreover, it can help build lean muscle when combined with exercise which results in the burning of more calories throughout the day.

What Is Protein?

Proteins that you eat are made up of different amino acids which are called, the building blocks of protein. Our body uses these amino acids for various functions, from forming certain hormones to building specific proteins within the body.

However, when the body digests the whole protein that we get from various foods, then further these amino acids are absorbed and used by cells for a multitude of functions.

There are 20 amino acids that makeup proteins and each one is categorized as:  

Nonessential amino acids: These are the ones that your body can make and also, not essential that they are included in the diet.

Essential amino acids: These are the ones your body can’t make and so, they need to be obtained with the diet.

Conditional amino acids: These are considered important, especially in times of illness and stress. 

What Can Protein Do For You?

When protein comes into the mind then usually people think of bodybuilders who are trying to sculpt the perfect muscles. But protein is so much more than that.
Protein, however, plays many essential roles in the body, like promoting satiety, supporting weight-management goals, reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure, supporting injury recovery, reducing the risk of developing sarcopenia, and helping keep the immune system functioning.

10 High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

There are several protein rich foods, but here is the list of the 10 best foods that you can add to your everyday diet for weight loss.
So, to be clear, the first five are vegetarian foods rich in protein while the other five are non-vegetarian.

1. Black Beans

Black beans are an excellent source of protein and can be prepared in a variety of ways, making them a very versatile ingredient when preparing meals.
It has a good amount of fiber, which keeps you full for a longer time, preventing you from eating junk and then aiding in weight loss.

In 100 g there are 8.9 g of protein

Try this recipe and add protein to your diet in a delicious way.

2. Lima Beans

Lima beans are also, known as butter beans and are a great source of protein. These are rich in fiber which makes a person feel full when consumed.
Also, lima beans can be a part of your low-carb diet also, as it has very less carbs.

In 100 g there are 8 g of protein

3. Corn

Corn contains a good amount of fiber content and probiotics that help with digestion and speed up your body’s metabolism. 
Also, it is rich in antioxidants and a good option to add to a weight-loss diet. Corn is, however, one of the low-calorie high protein foods for weight loss.

In 100 g there are 3.2 g of protein

4. Oats

Oat is a perfect option to add to your breakfast for weight loss. It is rich in fiber, which makes you full for a longer period of time, further, preventing you from unhealthy snacking.
It also reduces the risk of heart disease and maintains your low blood sugar levels.

In 100 g there are 11.1 g of protein

You can, however, try the below recipe if you want to add oats to your diet.

5. Chickpeas

Adding chickpeas to the diet will surely help you in losing weight because it is low in calories and high in fiber. Also, it helps reduce your appetite and helps slow the rise of blood sugar after a meal.
It has soluble fiber which further, helps lower blood cholesterol levels by its action in the gut. Chickpeas are one of the vegetarian protein rich foods that makes it a good option for you to eat for lunch.

In 100 g there are 19 g of protein

Non-Vegetarian Foods Rich In Protein 

Below are 5 non-vegetarian foods that are rich in protein and also, can help in weight loss. Take a look.

1. Eggs

Eggs are another protein-rich food and therefore, adding them to your diet makes you feel full, which further, aids in weight loss also.
Eating eggs can also, reduce your appetite which leads to reduced calorie intake. 

In 100 g there are 19 g of protein

Time to add this recipe for eggs to your diet for weight loss.

2. Chicken Breast

The chicken breast is lean and has a good content of protein which makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight, maintain muscle mass, and improve recovery. 
Chicken breast is, however, good for weight gain also, but depends on how you consume it. You can this to your 7 day diet plan for weight loss also.

In 100 g there are 19 g of protein

3. Tuna

Tuna is high in protein and low in calories, making it a good choice for weight loss. It also improves the metabolic rate in individuals and increases the energy in the body.
It moreover, keeps you active, and healthy, and eating tuna after a workout helps you to maintain and reduce belly fat also.

In 100 g there are 19 g of protein

4. Shrimps

Shrimps are low in calories and high in protein which makes them good for weight loss. It also contains astaxanthin, which further, reduces inflammation and oxidative damage.
Shrimps are moreover, easy to cook and are low in carbs and fat.

In 100 g there are 29 g of protein

5. Anchochives

Anchovies contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, and phosphorus and are a great source of protein as well. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, therefore, making it a safe option to add to the diet for people who are heart patients.
They also, help lower blood pressure and ease menstrual pain. You can, however, add it to salads or other sabzis.

In 100 g there are 29 g of protein

Other High-Protein Foods For Weight Loss

Below are some foods that are also, rich in protein and help in weight loss also. We have also mentioned the protein that contains 100 g wise.

Salmon100 g20 g
Peanut Butter100 g25 g
Peanuts100 g26 g
Lentils100 g9 g
Milk100 g3.4 g
Lean Meats100 g20 g
Cottage Cheese100 g11 g
Tofu100 g8 g
Almonds100 g21 g
Greek Yogurt100 g10 g
Quinoa100 g16.5 g
Prawns100 g25 g

Summarization Of High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

Protein is, however, not only added to a diet when one has to gain weight or their muscles. It is used for weight loss also, but one should know how to consume it, when to consume and how much to consume.

Therefore, if you are on your weight loss journey, then the expert dietitians from Fitelo can guide you well on this, and you can lose weight with your favorite foods as well.
However, we have mentioned to you the best high-protein foods to lose weight including vegetarian options and non-vegetarian options as well.

Fun Fact

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Here is an amazing weight loss transformation, which will surely inspire you to start working towards your fitness goal.

It is, however, never too late to start a healthy lifestyle or take a step toward it. If not before, then even today you can work on it.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are Vegan Foods Also, High Protein Foods For Weight Loss?

A: Yes, foods like tofu, nuts, quinoa, pulses, etc. are vegan protein-rich foods that also, help in weight loss.

Q. Are High Protein Foods For Weight Loss Safe For Diabetic People Also?

A: People who are diabetic can consume a protein-rich diet and also, lose weight as it is safe for them.

Q. Which Are The Best High Protein Foods For Weight Loss?

A: There are many foods that are rich in protein and can also, help you lose weight side by side. These include eggs, tofu, cheese, chicken breast, etc.

Q. How Much Protein Should One Consume Per Day?

A: As per the studies, adults should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound. However, an average sedentary man should do a protein intake of 56 grams per day, and the average woman should eat about 46 grams.

Q. Are There Any High Protein Foods To Reduce Belly Fat?

A: High protein foods for belly fat loss includes eggs, lentils, black beans, tempeh, etc.

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