Did You Know Hot Water For Weight Loss Is Not A Myth But Is True? Read Here!

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Hot Water For Weight Loss

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The easiest way to get the desired numbers on the weighing machine is by drinking water. However, drinking hot water for weight loss is the best and safe way to reach your fitness goal.

Most people want their weight loss journey to be interesting, easy, and quick. But what do you think is this possible? Well, Yes, it is, but with Fitelo because here the diet plans are customized as per your choice of foods, taste, and convenience, and give you more easy tips for weight loss.

So, water can do wonders to your body, not just weight but it can make your skin glowy, your hair beautiful, and keeps you hydrated as well.

However, for a healthy lifestyle, you need to make small changes in your life. These changes will surely change your life and will keep you and your surroundings also, healthy.

Why Hot Water For Weight Loss?

So, there are a few points that you must know that how hot water can help you lose weight.

  • When you drink warm water right in the morning your body switches its temperature and activates the metabolism which further helps you lose weight. Hence, this is one of the best weight loss tips for you.
  • Also, warm water also breaks down body fat into molecules and makes it easy for the digestive system to burn it. 
  • While drinking warm water 30 minutes before your meals helps in managing the calorie intake because it makes your stomach full which further, helps you do overeating.
  • Moreover, if you add lemon and honey to the warm water it will enhance the impact which can expedite your metabolic rate, resulting in rapid weight loss.
  • You, however, need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water in your weight loss diet to see a rapid change in your body.
  • Also, hot water raises the body temperature which causes sweating, and further, aids in body detoxification. However, sweat glands help the skin filter toxins out of the body, and allow it to expel blood waste materials at an increased rate and cleanse itself.
  • Detoxification here is a chain of events like the liver cleanses the system by changing the chemical nature of many toxins, and on the other side, the kidneys filter toxins out of the blood into the urine.
  • As a result, some toxins are easily removed and some require additional intervention. The presence of water improves the functioning of the liver and kidneys and helps to dilute toxins in the bloodstream further, making it easier to expel the waste material from the body. 

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Hot water is not only concerned with helping you lose extra inches but also, has other benefits to provide. So, some of them are mentioned right below for you which you should definitely know.

1. Relieves Constipation

Drinking warm water help prevent constipation and softens the stool, further making it easier to pass. Also, for a healthy gut, improved bowel movement, and complete removal of toxins from your body, water is very helpful.

2. Cure Throat Digestion

Drinking warm water reduces the mucous which is formed during cough and cold and also, helps in curing runny nose, sore throat, and chest congestion. Also, you can add a little bit of honey to enhance the soothing effect.

3. Remove Toxins

When you eat junk food, then the best way to digest it is to drink hot water. This is because when it gets into your system, it cleanses it from within. This process further, helps you in getting rid of the toxins in your body.

4. Give Good Skin

Drinking hot water clears the pores of the skin and prevents acne and other skin-related problems. This makes your skin glow and clear.

5. Improves Nervous System

Drinking hot water improves the nervous system functioning, which also, further, gives a positive effect on mood, anxiety, and brain function.

6. Keeps You Hydrated

Water also keeps you hydrated and energetic the whole day. It is very beneficial for pregnant women or breastfeeding women. Moreover, to perform every essential function your body needs water and it is the best way to stay healthy.

7. Reduces Pain

Consuming hot water improves circulation and improves blood flow, especially for people who have injured muscles. Drinking hot water also reduces pain during periods and also exacerbates swelling.

8. Reduces Stress

If you drink hot water then apart from giving you weight loss it also, helps reduce stress and anxiety. The warmth that your body gets by drinking hot water improves your mood and helps you relax.

Best Time To Drink Warm Water

  • The best time to drink a glass of warm water is when you wake up in the morning. This is because it gives your metabolism an early kick-start.
  • While Another beneficial time to drink warm water is with your meals as it helps in keeping everything liquid and makes sure your internal organs are in good shape. 
  • Then you can also, have a glass pretty much any time as it helps in overall blood flow and circulation.
  • Also, drinking hot water after your meals helps you digest the food and lose weight.

How Can You Make Hot Water For Weight Loss More Beneficial?

So, yes, hot water does help in weight loss but you can make it more beneficial by adding some ingredients to it.

Garlic: It is rich in antioxidants and helps improve kidney function. It accumulates busy fat, making garlic good for weight loss.

Lemon: Adding lemon or squeezing it in water helps prevent kidney stones and benefits immune system support and against diabetes. Also, lemon is considered to be the best fat burner.

Honey: It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, along with antimicrobial, anticancer, antidiabetic, antiviral, and antiparasitic impacts. It also speeds up the metabolism and makes you full, further, preventing you from eating unwanted food.

Weight Loss Transformation

There are times in life when you fail even after trying several times which further, makes you feel demotivated and low. Well, then the best way to give yourself hope is to watch or read inspirational stories as it helps motivate you and increase your morale as well.
So, here is one of the beautiful weight loss transformation success stories, that will not only inspire you but will bring back the courage to work on yourself again, and this time you will surely make it.

Word From Fitelo On Hot Water For Weight Loss

As said, hot water does help in weight loss, but all you need to know is the right time and the right way to consume it. Apart from weight loss, it has several other benefits also, to offer to your body. However, make it a point, to drink hot water after every meal, or empty stomach. Keep in mind drinking excess water can be harmful also, so make sure you consume only 6 – 8 glasses every day.

Fun Fact

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss Effective?

A: Yes, it does increase your metabolism and helps in weight loss also.

Q. When Is The Right Time To Drink Hot Water For Weight Loss?

A: The right time to drink water is early morning empty stomach, 30 minutes before the meal, and 15 minutes after your meal.

Q. Can You Add Lemon To Hot Water For Weight Loss

A: Yes, lemon is the best fat burner, and adding it to the water will help you in rapid weight loss.

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