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Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jan 2023

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How To Increase Hemoglobin

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How to increase hemoglobin at present has 25k searches that too just in 4 hours. Like just imagine!
This is because hemoglobin plays an essential role in the body and it is important to maintain a healthy range of it. However, there are people searching on google, youtube how can a person increase the level of hemoglobin but is still not satisfied with the answers.
But not now, because you are at the right place and reading on a trustable website, that is Fitelo. We care for you and so we will make sure that you do not go with a sad heart. Here are the amazing and surprising ways to increase your hemoglobin.

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What Is Hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is a protein that is found in the red blood cells and is further, responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. However, dietary measures and supplements help boost hemoglobin levels at home.
Also, apart from transporting oxygen, hemoglobin carries carbon dioxide out of the cells and into the lungs and then releases it as a person exhales.
So, keep in mind low hemoglobin can make it difficult for the body to perform these functions.

What Can Happen If Hemoglobin Is Low?

A low level of hemoglobin makes it difficult for the body’s organs to get enough oxygen, which can further, lead to a plethora of symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, pale skin, etc. However, low levels of hemoglobin in the blood are called anemia and are therefore, quite common in India, especially in women.

Causes Of Low Hemoglobin

Causes of low hemoglobin are several in number which of course includes anemia. However, take a look at the below possible reasons.

  • Deficiency in iron, vitamin B-12, or folate
  • Substantial blood loss
  • Cancers that affect the bone marrow like leukemia
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • A hereditary disease that prevents hemoglobin from functioning properly is called thalassemia.
  • A genetic disorder that causes a reduction in red blood cells and hemoglobin which is called sickle cell anemia.
  • lung disease
  • Excessive smoking
  • Extreme physical exercise

How To Increase Haemoglobin? – Home Remedies

Now, after knowing the causes, it is important to know how to increase them. So, below is the list of foods that you should intake to manage the hemoglobin levels in your body.

1. Increase Iron Intake

A person who has low levels of hemoglobin should increase their level by eating foods that are rich in iron as it works to boost the production of hemoglobin, and further, helps to form more red blood cells.

Iron-rich foods include:

  • meat and fish
  • soy products, including tofu and edamame
  • eggs
  • dried fruits, such as dates and figs
  • broccoli
  • green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach
  • green beans
  • nuts and seeds
  • peanut butter

2. Increase Folate Intake

  • Folate is vitamin B that plays an important part in hemoglobin production and the body uses it to produce heme, which is a component of hemoglobin that helps to carry oxygen.
    However, if folate is less in an amount in a person’s body then their red blood cells will not be able to mature, which could further, lead to folate-deficiency anemia and low hemoglobin levels.

Good sources of folate include:

  • beef
  • spinach
  • rice
  • peanuts
  • black-eyed peas
  • kidney beans
  • avocadoes
  • lettuce

3. Eating Beetroot

  • Beetroot is, however, rich in iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and C.
  • The nutrients in this beetroot help increase the hemoglobin count and regeneration of red blood cells.
  • It can, however, be consumed raw, in the cooked form or, you can even blend it and drink it as a juice.
    Well try this amazing recipe of beetroot.

4. Moringa Leaves

  • Moringa leaves are, moreover, rich in minerals like zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, and C.
  • To consume, chop moringa leaves to make a paste, and, add a teaspoon of jaggery powder and blend well.

5. Consuming Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Green vegetables like spinach, mustard greens, celery, and broccoli increase hemoglobin-rich vegetarian sources of iron which is further, helpful for increasing hemoglobin.
  • Moreover, leafy green vegetable is a natural source of vitamin B12, folic acid, and other vital nutrients, and it is important for hemoglobin and good to add to your diet for weight loss also.
  • However, broccoli is a rich source of iron and B-complex vitamin folic acid, containing a healthy amount of essential nutrients like magnesium, and vitamins A and C.
  • Moreover, green vegetables are low in calories and are good sources of dietary fiber, and can also help you improve digestion.

6. Dates, Raisins & Figs

  • Dates and raisins are, however, good sources of iron and Vitamin C which help increase blood in the body.
  • While, figs, are also high in iron, magnesium, vitamin A, and folate which is again a good way to enrich your body with hemoglobin and is the best low-hemoglobin treatment.

7. Sesame Seeds

  • Consuming black sesame seeds is another great way of increasing your iron intake as they contain a good amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, and vitamins B6, E, and folate.
  • However, to consume them, soak them in water and leave them overnight before consuming them the next morning. Also, you can add about 1 tablespoon of dry roasted black sesame seeds with a teaspoon of honey.

8. Pomegranates

  • However, pomegranates are a good source of calcium and iron along with protein, carbohydrates, and fiber and are also, one of the best ways to increase hemoglobin.
  • You can eat it raw daily at least 1 bowl of it, or add it to your fresh juice. Also, you can try this recipe and add it to one of your meals.

9. Legumes

  • Legumes like lentils, peanuts, peas, and beans also, help increase hemoglobin levels significantly.
  • Moreover, they are rich in iron and folic acid that helps boost the production of red blood cells in the body.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

  • Pumpkin seeds have, however, eight milligrams of iron along with sufficient calcium, magnesium, and manganese content.
  • However, you can consume them by adding to your meals or sprinkling them over smoothies, and soups, or eating them raw.

11. Watermelon

  • Watermelon is a good idea to add to your 7 days diet plan as it is one of the best fruits to increase hemoglobin.
  • Also, being high in iron and vitamin C content helps increase the level of hemoglobin. Make this watermelon slush and stay healthy.

12. Intake Of Vitamin C

  • Not just iron but vitamin C also plays an important role in increasing hemoglobin.
  • So, therefore, it is important to add vitamin C-rich foods to your diet and these could be oranges, potatoes, strawberries, etc.

13. Do Exercise

  • Doing workouts are highly recommended because when you exercise your body produces more hemoglobin to meet the increasing demand for oxygen throughout the body.
  • However, if you eat a balanced diet then surely you will get a daily supply of all essential nutrients that will increase your hemoglobin count also.

Take A Look At This Table To Know What To Eat

Apart from the above home remedies, you can also add the foods to your diet. Moreover, they are easy to cook and also, easily available in the market.

Food TypeNames
Vegetarianspinach, tofu, asparagus, broccoli, green peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, potatoes, fenugreek leaves, beans,
Non-Vegetarianwhole egg, chicken liver, oysters, meat, seafood, red lean meat, clams
Fruitsbeetroot, pomegranate, watermelon, apple, apricot, oranges, strawberries, papaya, grapefruit, banana, peach, persimmons, mulberries, guava, litchis, kiwi
Other Foodsdates, almonds, amla, raisins, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dried beans, Nettle, wheat germ, sprouts, peanuts, colocasia leaves, soybeans, currants, legumes( soya nuts, red kidney beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, black beans, lentils, fava beans) starch and grains, brown rice, dark chocolates, whole grains, yogurt, daal , rajma, sesame seeds

Normal Hemoglobin Range For You

So, go through the below table and know if your family and you have the right levels of hemoglobin.

When To See A Doctor?

If your hemoglobin is not increasing even after taking a proper diet, also even after adding foods as mentioned to your diet, then you might need to see a doctor. So, go through the below points and know when you have to visit a doctor and, continue living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Pale skin and gums
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • A fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Frequent headaches
  • Frequent or unexplained bruising

Ready To Eat Food For Weight Loss

Watch this amazing video, by Dietitian Mac and know the secret ready-to-eat foods that you can eat in your weight loss journey. Moreover, they are delicious and easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Hemoglobin Normal Range?

Ans: The normal hemoglobin for men, is 13.2 to 16.6 grams per deciliter and for women, 11.6 to 15 grams per deciliter.

Q. What Is Glycosylated Hemoglobin?

Ans: A type of sugar molecule which is glucose in the blood normally become stuck to hemoglobin molecules which, further means hemoglobin has become glycosylated. However, the higher a person’s blood sugar gets, the more of the person’s hemoglobin becomes glycosylated.

Q. What Are Low Hemoglobin Symptoms?

Ans: Below is the list of some common symptoms of low hemoglobin and if you notice any, it is, however, important to see the doctor.

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Pale or yellowish skin
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Chest pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Headaches

Q. How To Increase Hemoglobin In A Week?

Ans: To increase hemoglobin in a week, make sure you increase iron absorption, eat iron-rich foods and moreover, and add green vegetables or leafy vegetables to your diet.

Q. What Is A Hemoglobin Test?

Ans: A hemoglobin test measures the levels of hemoglobin in your blood. However, if your hemoglobin levels are abnormal, it may be a sign that you have a blood disorder.

Q. What Are The Types Of Hemoglobin?

Ans: There are many types of hemoglobin (Hb) and the most common ones are HbA, HbA2, HbE, HbF, HbS, HbC, HbH, and HbM.

Q. Hemoglobin Kya Hai?

Ans: हीमोग्लोबिन एक प्रोटीन है जो लाल रक्त कोशिकाओं में पाया जाता है और आगे, शरीर के चारों ओर ऑक्सीजन ले जाने के लिए जिम्मेदार होता है। हालांकि, आहार संबंधी उपाय और सप्लीमेंट घर पर हीमोग्लोबिन के स्तर को बढ़ाने में मदद करते हैं। साथ ही, ऑक्सीजन के परिवहन के अलावा, हीमोग्लोबिन कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड को कोशिकाओं से बाहर और फेफड़ों में ले जाता है और फिर इसे एक व्यक्ति के साँस छोड़ने पर छोड़ देता है।

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Outline Of The Blog

Hemoglobin is very important as it carries oxygen to your whole body and therefore, low levels of it can lead to certain diseases. However, it is very important to keep in mind that if you notice any kind of symptoms as mentioned above, you go and see the doctor. Moreover, Fitelo mentions 13 home remedies, or let us say the natural ways to increase hemoglobin. These are quite easy to follow and surely, you will get the results.

Fun Fact

Often people choose pakode over Maggi because they think pakode is healthy and because they are made with vegetables it is a better choice. But what if we tell you Maggi is a better option to choose? Yes, know the difference between Maggi and pakode, and opt for right.

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