7 Homely Immunity Boosting Foods For Covid-19 And Any Other Viral Disease

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Immunity Boosting Foods For Covid-19

The Internet is flooded with the guidance of food to fight against viral disease. Garlic, Tulsi, Wheat Grass seems to be the new magical foods that can be your go-to immunity boosters. But, is this really true? Are these foods enough to protect you from this novel Coronavirus? Are these really the immunity boosting foods for Covid-19?

Well, the answer is NO.

If you don’t have a balanced approach to planning your meals, all these things can be useless. We are not saying that these things won’t help, but, you need to have all the key nutrients in your diet if you really want to stay healthy, beat viral diseases naturally, boost your immunity or even stay in shape.

For starters, Vitamins and Minerals are required. But you also need a good amount of Protein, Fats, and Complex Carbohydrates in your daily diet.

But what if I can’t find anything during this lockdown?

Most people are concerned that they are not even finding essential commodities, so forget about fancy or exotic ones.

What if we tell you, you can plan a balanced diet with most of the things that are already available in your kitchen. Here is our idea of a balanced diet that has all the key nutritional ingredients that are most EASILY AVAILABLE. These are the foods to fight against viral diseases. Here are our top 7 immunity boosting foods for Covid-19.

1. DALS & Beans

DALS & Beans like Rajma, Chana etc. are a good source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and vitamins like folate, manganese and iron. These are essential immunity boosting food to fight against viral disease.

Here is our recipe of Rajma chat that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

2. Dairy items

Dairy items such as milk, paneer are a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin D, etc. Things like Yogurt/Curd can improve your digestive system and is a good source of Vitamin B12.

Turmeric milk can be the best food to fight against viral disease. Here is our special recipe of turmeric milkyou would love to have.

3. Desi Ghee

Fat is one of the most important components of immunity building. Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin K can’t be absorbed by your body if you won’t have any fat intake in your meals. Desi Ghee is our top pick in the list immunity boosting foods for Covid-19.

4. Potato

It can enhance your immune function as they are a rich source of Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. All these things are crucial for immunity. Moreover, potatoes are quite easily available in the market today compared to most other vegetables and fruits.

5. Eggs

We have already made a post that you can have non-vegetarian food and there is no evidence that non-vegetarian food can cause Corona Virus.

An egg is one of the most nutritious foods available on the planet. It is one of the best sources of protein, Vitamin D and Selenium which are crucial in building your immunity.

A tasty egg salad recipe is waiting for you!

Egg is the most nutritious food

6. Oranges

If you can get them, they have a better shelf life and they have a lot of Vitamin C, thiamine and foliate. Other than that they are rich in antioxidants which can protect you from bacterias and viruses.

7. Spices

  • Garlic- so you read it everywhere and it’s true. Garlic is one of the highly nutritious foods available with us having very few calories. It is so nutritious that it can replace your everyday multivitamin capsule.
  • Turmeric- It is our Indian superfood. It not only improves your skin and reduces inflammation but can also cheer up your mood in this time of corona depression.
  • Cinnamon- It is another easy ingredient that you must be having in your kitchen. They are loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols and can help you to fight bacteria and fungal infections
  • Ginger- It is a very old proven Indian medicine of sore throat and fever. If you have a mild cold, introducing ginger in the form of tea or water can actually help you to recover faster and thereby reducing your risk of becoming a prey to corona-virus.


You guys must be wondering that we missed out on so many food items like guava, almonds, broccoli, bell peppers, papaya, walnuts, berries, mushrooms, etc. We have made this post specifically for people who are struggling right now to get the basic amenities.

We are not sure for how long, we need to deal with this pandemic but you can include these simple food items that you must be having in your kitchen to boost your and your family’s immunity. These are our top immunity boosting foods for Covid-19.

Here is our detailed guide on Covid19, weight loss and immunity building.

Update – April 2021

It has been a year since we first published this. When the situation seemed to be getting better, the second wave is here which seems to be far more dangerous. We seem to be getting into a last year-like situation. The above guidance still holds true.

We would request you to stay indoors and stay safe. We are updating more guidance on how to stay safe, what to do when a family member or even you get infected. Keep checking our blog and social pages to stay updated.

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