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incredible weight loss stories

21 Kgs gone beating her chronic acidity and constipation

You might have read numerous incredible weight loss stories. This is one of our favorites. We all know that diet is the key to healthy living. However, we often ignore it and the lack of a good diet may lead to certain consequences.

Komal, from Delhi, reached out to us with a very similar set of health-related issues. Her primary goal was not to lose weight but to improve her health in general.

Busy Lifestyle

Being a 24-year-old student, we understand they go through a lot of changes. College life is actually the phase where your health takes a back foot. Due to peer pressure, there are a lot of outings and a lot of parties to be attended to fit in this society.

Health Issues

Making the matters worse is increasing weight day by day and the health issues she was facing. It was tough for her to manage on a daily basis due to her irregular menses which was her major concern. Moreover, her gut- health was very much affected badly. She was very stressed due to the mentioned medical issues and wanted an effective diet for the same.

Diet Plan

We worked with Komal and made a customized plan with a lot of cheats and outside eating options along with working on her health issues. We made sure that she didn’t have to take any medicine and we took this as a challenge to get her off those medications.


During this journey, Komal has lost 21 kgs with a dramatic inch loss and a complete personality transformation. She not only lost those extra kilos but also her medical concerns are gone.

Hormones balanced ?
Acidity issues solved ?
Chronic constipation solved ?

We are still working to help Komal maintain her weight. We are so proud of you Komal. Yours is one of the most incredible weight loss stories.

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