Is Curd Good For Weight Loss? Let’s Find Out

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Jun 2022

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Is Curd Good For Weight Loss

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Remember your mother feeding you curd before you stepped out for an important event? This practice enhances energy, relieves stress, improves digestion, controls blood pressure, calms the body, etc. As a result, this wonder diary product provides many health advantages, but is curd good for weight loss? The answer is “YES.”

In India, consuming sweet curd before an important event such as exams or job interviews is considered favorable. Apart from this, it is also a staple food in most households because of its several health benefits.

So, let us look deep and know how curd can help you lose weight. You can choose the best sort of curd for the best effects to make your weight loss journey smooth.

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Is Curd Good For Weight Loss – The Basics

Curd is a fantastic natural fat burner. It contains high amounts of calcium, which aids in keeping the BMI level in check. The presence of probiotics in curd keeps your digestive system in check and improves metabolism, so it will facilitate the weight loss process.

Do you often feel hungry?

If yes, then include curd in your daily diet, as it contains protein that will help you stay full for a long time and keep your erratic hunger at bay. Curd is also well known for its smooth and creamy textures. Aside from this, it offers numerous health advantages. Curd is a low-calorie food that can help you lose body fat and weight faster than a low-calorie diet without protein or calcium.

However, it provides a flat stomach and helps lose stubborn fat pockets around the abdominal and waist areas.

Nutritional Value Of Curd

Curd nutrition is the main reason for its popularity. Check below:

Serving: 100 gm of curd contains

Total Calories98 kcal
Carbohydrate3.4 gm
Fat4.3 gm
Protein11 gm
Sodium364 mg
Potassium104 mg

Apart from these nutrients, curd also offers Vitamins like A, D, B-12, Magnesium, and Calcium.

How Is Curd Good For Weight Loss In Summers?

So, here is a list of the health benefits of curd in summer:

  • Hydrates The Body

Since it is composed of 81% water, it is the best way to hydrate yourself! Instead of sugar-loaded drinks in the market, take natural, homemade curd, and you are sorted.

  • Maintains The Balance Of Electrolytes

Curd can be a good addition to your summer diet plan for weight loss. It is rich in potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals, curd helps maintain a balance of electrolytes in the body, which is very important as in the summer we lose salts due to heat. So, whether you have excessive sweating or not, have a bowl of curd and keep your worries away.

  • Acts As Gut Coolant

Curd benefits include being a laxative that helps cool the intestine, aids digestion, and also cools the stomach.

Health Benefits Of Curd

Other than weight loss, let us go through the remaining multitude of benefits of consuming dahi.

1. Curd Benefits Digestion

Curd, or yogurt, is a probiotic that is formed after the fermentation of milk. It contains the bacterial strain Lactobacillus, which helps promote good bacteria in the gut and aids digestion. Probiotics help improve the gut flora greatly, thus aiding proper digestion.

2. Curd Aids Weight Loss

Curd or yogurt is mostly composed of water, i.e., more than 81%. Furthermore, fresh, unprocessed curd contains only 59 calories per 100 grams! That’s why it is considered low calorie foods.

3. Zero Sugar And Trans Fats

Natural curd contains no sugar or trans fats. Hence, both these factors contribute greatly to unhealthy weight gain. However, natural homemade curd also contains unsaturated fats, which are good fats that are needed by the body.

4. Benefits Heart Health

1 cup (approximately 245 g) of curd provides 380 mg of potassium. Potassium helps the body get rid of water retention in the body. Potassium is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure levels.

5. Curd Benefits Bone And Teeth Health

Curd is an excellent source of the micronutrient calcium (11% of the daily value in just 100 g) and phosphorous, both of which contribute to maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Also, the curd is a great source of calcium rich foods.

6. Excellent Protein Source

We mostly consider milk, paneer, or tofu as viable vegetarian sources of protein. But did you know curd is an excellent protein source as well? It contains slightly more protein than milk! Protein helps increase satiety and keep the tummy full for a long time, thus managing unnecessary hunger pangs.

As mentioned in the research paper titled “Impact of Yogurt on Appetite Control, Energy Balance, and Body Composition,” it was observed that consuming yogurt leads to

  • reduction in body fat
  • improvement in satiety levels
  • decrease in glycemic and insulin response.
  • alterations in gut hormone response, as well as alterations in gut flora

Side Effects Of Overeating Curd

Although it comes with several health benefits, its overconsumption can be risky and have side effects, such as:

Side effects of overeating curd

Important Things To Note

Is curd good for weight loss? This is the question that always strikes your mind. However, this food item will always help you lose weight, and its consumption should be done systematically, but it is the best way to lose weight quickly.

So, here are some things that you must note before you include curd in your diet:

  1. Absolute Go-To Food

What is curd? It is unlike any other food item. You can have it at any time, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Due to its low-fat composition and high protein content, the curd is one of the filling items that can aid you in achieving your desired weight.

  1. Excessive Consumption Can Be Harmful

It is crucial to note that no matter how beneficial it is for your health, curd can also have side effects. You must not include this more than three times to avoid its unfavorable effects.

  1. Flavoring Additives

If you want to improve its taste, you can get flavored curd in the market. Also, you can add seasonal fruit extracts and honey, which might satisfy your taste buds. But it is also essential to take note of the calorie content in your packaged goods because sometimes they have a high-calorie intake that can be challenging in the weight loss journey.

How To Consume Curd For Weight Loss?

You can relish curd benefits in the form of many easy recipes, like

  • Curd Rice: Curd rice is a popular and tasty South Indian dish served with a South Indian thali or meal. So, let’s have a look and learn how to prepare this amazing South Indian Dish.
  • Plain Curd

In a whole day, you can consume a medium bowl of plain curd with a meal or as a snack. However, you can add a pinch of black salt and cinnamon on top for a yummy curd snack!

  • Make A Nutritious Dip

You can prepare a healthy dip using curd, mint, coriander, or other natural ingredients. This curd dip can be a nutritious alternative to those oil-based dips.

A Word From Fitelo On Is Curd Good For Weight Loss?

If anyone asks you, ‘Is curd good for weight loss’ we are sure you can answer this question confidently. But keep in mind that you have to avoid consuming foods that are artificially flavored such as Greek yogurt, as they contain a high amount of sugar (levels are up to dangerous amounts). But you can have the unflavoured homemade curd. Also, if someone is having sinusitis, then refrain from consuming curd at night. Consuming a bowl of curd will always be the best choice for a nutritious diet, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Fun Fact

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Prepare Homemade Curd?

You require just 2 ingredients to make curd or dahi traditionally at home.

  • Firstly, take 1 liter of milk in a pan. Let it simmer on a medium flame for a few minutes and then boil it.
  • Then when the milk is still warm, add a tablespoon of curd to it- this works as a starter culture that will carry out fermentation to convert the entire milk into curd.
  • Mix the curd evenly and cover and store the utensil in a warm place to let the curd set.
  • Finally, after 6 hours, shift the utensil to the fridge to avoid it from getting sour.

What Is The Best Time To Eat Curd For Weight Loss?

You can take curd in breakfast, major meals, and even mid-meals to aid the fat-burning process. So, if you are taking curd at night, make sure you consume it 2-3 hours before going to bed.

How Much Curd Is Good For Weight Loss?

The amount of curd for weight loss can vary depending on the person’s calorie requirement, preference, and overall meal plan. However, a small bowl of curd or half a cup is good to go along with your meal to maintain a healthy weight.

Is Sweet Curd Good For Weight Loss?

According to our experts, sweet curd is not the best choice for weight loss. The sweetened curd increases the calorie content of the curd which can contribute to weight gain and can lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Which Curd Is Best For Weight Loss?

Homemade dahi is best for weight loss because when you make curd at your home you have complete control over the ingredients. At home, with the best quality milk and no added preservatives, additives, or extra sugar you can have healthy curd for weight loss.

What Is The Difference Between Yogurt And Curd?

Curd is made by mixing milk with lemon or Curd, which yields several types of Lactic acid bacteria also known as Lactobacillus. Whereas Yogurt is made by commercial fermentation of milk by ingesting a particular type of bacteria strain.

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