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Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Nov 2022

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is jaggery good for health

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We’ve all heard about the exceptional values and benefits of jaggery, which is also called ‘Gur’. A natural sweetener and a much healthier alternative to sugar. However, along with its exceptional benefits, there are also a few disadvantages it holds. Similarly, understanding whether or not is jaggery good for health is additionally very important. These disadvantages aren’t life-threatening but can be equally harmful to your diet & health.

Above all, Jaggery can surely make you gain a lot of weight too. How? Comparatively, it consists of sugar and carbohydrates relative to the use of dates. Hence, if you’re someone working adamantly towards your weight loss plan, then we recommend you cut off the consumption of jaggeries. 

Let us read more about whether or not is jaggery good for health. 

Jaggery In Hindi Meaning: गुड़

Is Jaggery Good for Health? Let’s Find Out!

Indeed, everyone has a sweet tooth, more or less if that’s not the case. Then, we all crave a sweet dish at the end of every meal. Eventually, people who think that natural sweeteners like jaggery can play a healthy part in fulfilling the sweet part of the meal may consequently gain all the calories back. 

Through the drawback given below, let’s find out whether or not jaggery is good for health.

  • Is Jaggery Good for Health or Causes High Risk of Inflammation

The sucrose in the jaggery increases the amount of inflammation in your body, as well as the sugar level in it, which can equally cause swelling in your body. The ones struggling with inflammation problems like arthritis will additionally be advised by their doctors to stay away from jaggery.

  • Can Lead to Indigestion

Many of you may be unaware of the fact that jaggery leads to constipation. BTW, you can also try yoga for constipation. Chiefly, having an excessive amount of jaggery can lead to diarrhea. Hence, if you’ve decided to add this product to your diet, you may want to draw it back.

  • Activates Weight Gain

Emphatically 10 grams of jaggery packs around 40 calories. This type of food possesses a large amount of carbs and sugar so adding it to your diet means more calories and extra weight gain. This may end up you calling dietitians for a weight loss diet.

You can also check out the 4 biggest diet mistakes that make your weight bounce back. Check out this video below!

If the answer is no to “is jaggery good for health?”, then what is the solution?

We’ve had and still have many clients giving positive feedback and sharing their testimonials whilst talking about the amazing health benefits they have received by consuming two of the most amazing alternative to jaggery.

Date syrup and Stevia, are two of the most used alternatives.

We’ve also had so many women giving their reviews and testimonials on their weight loss journey that included the use of date syrup in their diet.

Let’s look at their benefits.

Top 2 Best Substitutes of Jaggery

If you want to replace jaggery then here are two perfect alternatives available:

1. Date Syrup

date syrup benefits

Of course, by now, there’s going to be another question rising up. Is date syrup just another type of sugar substance? The answer is a clear NO. Date syrup is a fruit that contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. Date syrup for weight loss is the best ingredient but it also contains many more benefits than just that.

A very unique sweetener that isn’t made like a fruit concentrate. If you’re someone looking out for a natural and healthy sweetener that enhances the quality of your meal, date syrup is a no-brainer – go-to- product to choose from! Still in a fix?

Let’s look into the top 5 benefits of adding it to your diet.

1. Contains Fructose & Glucose

Let’s have a quick task. Take any sweetener and check its ingredients. You will find some amount of glucose, fructose, or sucrose.  Too much amount of glucose causes a possible spike in insulin levels, whereas for sure, fructose does not. Date syrup, on the other hand, has naturally balanced portions of glucose and fructose so there is no excessive amount of sugar used.

2. Strengthens Your Bones

The presence of magnesium and calcium in date syrup is a big benefit to your bones. It also includes anti-inflammatory agents, hence making it beneficial for people with arthritis as it soothes the joints and treats rheumatic pains naturally.

3. Flawless Skin

The presence of vitamins C and D is a good source of skin elasticity, which also works as an anti-aging agent, preventing melatonin accumulation in the body.  

Recipe To Prepare Date Syrup

Date syrup is easy and quick to make.


  • Dates
  • Water


  • Firstly, deseed the dates and put them in a blender with the required amount of water.
  • Secondly, blend it well. Your date syrup is ready.

Besides date syrup providing its splendid properties and contributing to good health, we also have another alternative that is 100% natural with no added sugar.   

You can also check Fitelo’s top recipes with date benefits to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health.

We’re sharing a secret to a healthy & delicious, sweet life – Stevia!

2. Stevia – The Sweet Herb

stevia health benefits

A magic leaf that contains steviol glycosides, is a sugar substitute that is made out of stevia plants. Stevia is about 100 to 300 times much sweeter than table sugar and contains no carbohydrates, artificial ingredients, or calories.

Well, that’s not all. We’ve listed down 5 out of the many benefits of Stevia being used as an alternative and answer to the question, is jaggery good for health?

Check them out:

  • Controls Blood Pressure

Stevia extract contains glycosides that have been found to dilate blood vessels. The use of this increases sodium excretion and urine output. Stevia plant also contains cardiotonic actions that normalize blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat.

  • Stevia For Diabetes

Stevia does not contain any sort of sweeteners and hence does not contribute calories or carbohydrates to your diet. This lets diabetic patients eat a variety of food and comply with a heartful meal plan.

  • Improves Heart Health

The compounds present in stevia act as diuretics that increase urination and facilitate the excretion of excess sodium, while relaxing the blood vessels. How does that help you? Less stress on your cardiovascular system. Which also means less blood pressure. Complete protection to the heart and a reduced chance of arteries hardening. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking out for a healthy and natural sweetener that does not pause the taste of your food but provides the very same sweetness, then allow us to burst your bubble of ” is jaggery good for health?” Then it’s a clear no. Date syrup is what you need. Although jaggery is an amazing alternative, when it comes to a fit diet, we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

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Is Jaggery Good for Health? Find Out with Mac Singh’s Health Tips.


Whether it be brown sugar, honey, or jaggery. Find out what impact it creates on your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between date syrup and maple syrup?

They’re both natural products that contain many possible health benefits and are equally healthy. Although, the potassium, calcium, and magnesium present in date syrup are twice as high as the ones in maple syrup. As also mentioned above, date syrup contains antioxidants making it a perfect product for brain health.

2. Why not is jaggery good for health?
Compared to refined sugar, or other artificial sweeteners, jaggery plays a similar role as it’s made with processed properties that aren’t good for your body.

3. How long does date syrup last?

It lasts for a good 2 to 3 months, if refrigerated well. 

4. How to store date syrup?

It is a better option to keep date syrup stored in an airtight jar in a cool place. 

Fun Facts

Date syrup isn’t just a substitute that can be used for diet or hot beverages. You can also use it in baking! However, keep in mind what we said, Sugar Is Sugar! no matter how less you use it, it’s yet harmful.

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This blog post was written to help you make healthier and healthier food choices. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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