Is Losing Weight With PCOS Possible? Read Shevi’s inspiring journey

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losing weight with PCOS

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Lost 8 KG with PCOS in just 30 days✅: Like every other weight loss journey, this one also had a lot of ups and downs. Read Shevi’s inspiring journey to know how we helped her in PCOS weight loss.

losing weight with PCOS

Her Background Story

Shevi from Himachal Pradesh approached us concerned about her weight gain. She was also worried about the problems associated with PCOD that she was facing. Shevi strongly believes that appreciating and respecting your body is very important which is why she approached us.

Shevi’s weight loss challenges

Challenge 1 – PCOD

PCOD was a great hurdle to overcome in Shevi’s journey. However, after working closely with Shevi, our dietitians came up with the perfect diet plan to help her lose weight and also manage her PCOD symptoms. Special care was taken while designing a diet plan that would not cause the PCOD symptoms to become worse. And the results are in front of your eyes. Along with the weight loss, Shevi was surprised to see that her PCOD symptoms also reduced.

Challenge 2- Adapting To New Changes

Small changes in the lifestyle are what get the help you get the results you see. However, adapting to those changes in the initial phase may seem a little difficult.
Shevi however, went the extra mile to appreciate the extra efforts put out of there by our dietitians to make her feel comfortable during her journey. Once comfortable, Shevi began to fall in love with her journey.

Challenge 3- Cheat Meals

Who does not enjoy a small cheat meal once in a while?
We at Fitelo do not believe in starving our clients, while on a diet. Instead, we believe in planning diets that include your favorite foods to help you enjoy the process. The results that Shevi has obtained are a result of cheat meals wisely planned throughout the journey.

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So, if you are also struggling with PCOS and weight loss, Contact us today for a diet plan to discuss how we can help you in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

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