Is Milk Good For Weight Loss? Yes Or No!

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Is milk good for weight loss? Well, this is a debatable question, often people on weight loss try to avoid milk due to the fat percentage of milk but that’s it. What about the other nutrients present in the milk? Ain’t those important for weight loss or overall health? As a kid, we were always told to drink milk every day even if we didn’t want to. But why did our grandparents or parents tell us to drink milk every day? There has to be some good in it for sure. So, today let’s understand why we should consume milk or how milk can help in weight loss, and most importantly let’s understand out of all the options available in the market nowadays, which milk is best and healthiest. Let’s find out.

Milk Benefits For Weight Loss And Overall Health

First thing first let’s break the myth that milk only helps in weight gain, let’s learn the benefits of milk for weight loss and for overall health:

  • Milk is enriched with protein, carbs, and fat, everything is in the perfect amount. It is a nutritionally perfect food item. And also very few food items can be this beneficial.
  • Milk is also one of the best calcium rich foods. It maintains bone mass while bolstering your muscles, teeth, and bones.
  • Another excellent source of energy is milk. Milk protein’s primary function is to help the body’s muscles grow and heal.
  • However, daily milk consumption also reduces unneeded food cravings, so having milk is better than stuffing junk which has way too many calories.
  • You sweat a lot when working out to lose weight. Hence, you lose a lot of potassium during this course, however, Milk aids in keeping your blood’s potassium levels stable.
  • Also, phosphorus is necessary for creating energy and preserving bone health. If you want to maintain a healthy body, milk is also high in phosphorus.

Nutritional Value Of Milk

Below is the list of different nutrients present in the milk and their nutritional value:

Soy Milk(unsweetened)Almond Milk(unsweetened)Coconut Milk(unsweetened)Cow Milk
Protein – 6 g2 g0 g8 g
Calories – 8040 g50 g110
Carbs – 4g1 g2 g12 g
Fat – 1g3 g5 g2 g
Sugar – 4 g0 g0 g12 g

Which Milk Is Best For Weight Loss?

On the basis of nutrients let’s see and compare which is the best milk for weight loss.

1. Almond Milk 

  • They are not mistaken when they say that this choice is the greatest and healthiest milk for losing weight. It is currently the most well-liked dairy substitute. 
  • It frequently contains protein, calcium, and vitamin D fortification, just like many milk substitutes. 
  • Additionally, it has few calories, which promotes weight loss. Choose the unsweetened variety because it doesn’t contain any dangerous added sugars for quicker weight reduction outcomes.
  • Unsweetened almond milk is our choice for the best milk substitute for weight loss since it is widely available, tastes better than some other types of milk, and has a low-calorie count.

2. Soy Milk 

  • You may lose weight by substituting soy products for dairy. 
  • Soya bean is said to be advantageous in this because it changes hormones after consumption and has a tendency to resemble leptin, the body’s satiety hormone. 
  • Your hunger and appetite decline when leptin is triggered, ensuring that you consume fewer calories throughout the day.

3. Coconut Milk 

  • This is a strong contender for the finest milk substitute for weight loss with only 75 calories per cup. 
  • Not only that but it has also been connected to medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Additionally, MCTs may boost insulin sensitivity, balance gut flora, and aid in portion control, all of which may reduce waist circumference and overall body weight.

4. Cow Milk

  • Cow milk is the optimal choice if you want to meet your needs for calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and other helpful proteins.
  • Its pure calcium and fat content aid to promote growth in addition to preventing bone fracture and enhancing metabolism.

Cow Milk vs Soy Milk vs Almond Milk For Weight Loss

On the basis of nutrients and affordability let’s compare and see which milk is best for weight loss out of these three:

1. PROTEIN– However, protein in cow milk is 8 g per 250 ml. So, if we compare it with soy milk, it has just 6 g and if we go to the latest fad i.e., almond milk, it has just 1 g of protein! Also, do you know what Bioavailability is? It is the ability of a protein to be digested or absorbed easily by the body. Cow milk protein has the maximum bioavailability, more than any plant-based milk!

2. CALCIUM– Also almond milk has 240 mg of calcium; soy milk has 275 mg and cow milk has 300 mg of calcium. 

3. PRICE– Almond and soy milk are not so economical to be bought on a daily basis. Also, cow milk is less than the half price of these two and provides double the nutrients.

Which Milk Is The Healthiest?

Depending on your health concerns, you can pick what works best for you out of all the healthiest milk options listed below.

  • However, if you have high cholesterol issues or you are lactose intolerant and are unable to digest lactose (milk sugar), opt for plant-based milk which is nutritionally better. 
  • The majority of plant-based milk, including those made from hemp, oat, flax, coconut, almond nut, and soy, are regarded as among the healthiest choices. Having said that, this does not imply that you should avoid dairy products altogether. This choice is fine for you unless you have a lactose intolerance allergy.
  • Moreover, 68% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant which means they are unable to digest milk and milk-based products. So, plant-based milk is for those people.
  • Being mindful of your consumption is the key. Don’t consume whole milk seven days a week. It can be substituted with other low-fat or plant-based dishes.
  • Besides, cow milk naturally contains a lot of calcium and B vitamins, and cow’s milk is wonderfully nourishing for both kids and adults.
  • Also, try buying milk from a local dairy instead of the packaged one. It is minimally processed and preservative-free.

Milk Recipes For Weight Loss And Good Health

Here are a few milk recipes by Fitelo for you to relish. You can make these recipes easily at home:

1. Dry Fruit Milk Shake

Here is the recipe by Fitelo, a rich dry fruit milkshake, which is yummy, healthy, and will surely help you lose weight.

2. Masala Milk

Here is one of those beverages of Maharashtra, which is relished by people everywhere in winter, masala milk. This recipe by Fitelo is very easy to make and is the perfect choice for people who want to lose weight

3. Haldi Milk For Weight Loss

Nothing is more comforting than a glass of haldi milk in winter. Try this recipe by Fitelo to witness the magic of this amazing drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Milk Help In Weight Loss Around The Belly?

Ans. Milk is filled with many nutrients, also if you follow a good diet, work out along with adding milk to your diet, you can surely lose belly fat.

Q. Can A Glass Of Milk Replace A Meal?

Ans. You can replace your evening snacks with a milk glass, otherwise for a full meal to be replaced you need to add something with milk, like add a banana or dry fruits.

Q. How Much Milk Should We Drink Every Day?

Ans. Although glass is enough on daily basis to soak in all the nutrients present in the milk.

Fun Fact

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