Jashan Weight Loss Transformation : 9Kgs Gone With PCOD And Thyroid

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jun 2022

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jashan weight loss transformation

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From 69 To 60KG With PCOD & THYROID. Jashan weight loss transformation is such an inspiration for the ones, who think that weight loss with medical issues is not possible. Let’s read out A Housewife’s Success Story:

  • PCOD reversed
  • Acne and hair fall issue resolved
  • Skin texture and tone improved
  • Dark circles gone
  • Cholesterol level balanced
jashan weight loss transformation

Today’s Success story is of a Housewife Jashan from Malot. She reached out to us with her concerns about weight gain and with the desire to get in shape. She was struggling with a lot of issues including Thyroid, PCOD, Kidney stones. and on top of that fatty liver was also bothering her. 

So, after evaluating her medical history, we created a set of goals for her. We at Fitelo, had to focus not only on losing weight, but also on improving her medical issues.

Jashan Weight Loss Transformation Journey

  • We designed a food plan for her keeping in mind all her problems. At first, seeing no changes on the scale demotivated her, but the start of inch drop motivated her, and from there, her journey to success began.
  • As a housewife, we needed to provide her with options that were convenient to her, but also interesting and unique, so she wouldn’t get bored. We designed a meal that would boost her morale as well.
  • She liked Desi food, dairy products, and non-vegetarian dishes. As a result, we prepared a range of home-cooked meals for her.

Result So Far

It was her hard work and determination to get better in every manner, Jashan lost 9 Kgs with dramatic inch loss. It’s not only limited to weight loss only, but her medical conditions also improved. Her skin is getting better each day. 

Oh! How we forgot to mention, she was so sweet all along the journey. She enjoyed a lot of marriages during the wedding season. Even enjoyed a lot of cheat meals every weekend. 

What to say more, Here are Jashan’s own words.

“I usually enjoy my cheat meals during kitty parties. And everyone is so shocked that I am losing after having every kind of food. My Kitty members are so motivated with my transformation. Even many of them are unable to recognise me. And I am just loving this.”

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