12 Year Old Jaskaran lost 25 Kgs With Fitelo’s Diet Counsellor

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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Jaskaran weight loss

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25 Kgs gone in 120 Days! : Today we will talk about the weight loss transformation of a cute school-going kid from Italy. So, like any other kid his age, he leads a carefree life, eating whatever he finds tasty. When his parents noticed that he was gaining weight due to junk eating, they reached out to us. Read how 12 Year Old Jaskaran lost 25 Kgs With Fitelo’s Diet Counsellor.

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Like all happy-go-lucky kids, Jaskaran was clear with his priorities 😋. He loved eating pasta and at the same time hated the healthier meals like daliya, vegetable khichdi, oats in milk etc. In fact, he craved pasta every week! So, our certified diet counsellor did plan pasta for him, but in moderation. Pasta recipes given to him were all available on our website. Examples are the Homemade Healthy Whole Wheat Vegetable Pasta Recipe and Tomato basil pasta recipe.

Our dietitians also counselled Jaskaran to make him understand the importance of healthy eating, especially in teenage, which is the growing age of an individual. Hence, he realized that and followed the diet plan, which the certified diet counsellor made healthier every week, slowly but steadily.

Also, since, Jaskaran was a school-goer, the diet counsellor put extra effort to mould the diet according to his lifestyle and routine.

Finally, came the big day! In just 120 days Jaskaran lost 25 kgs weight along with many inches! This was possible because of the sheer dedication of Jaskaran and the efforts of our diet counsellor. We wish Jaskaran a super healthy life, which includes his favourite pasta too (but in moderation 😉). 

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