Jasmeen Fat To Fit Transformation Success Story – 23 Kgs Lost In 100 Days


Mar 2021

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jasmeen fat to fit transformation

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We have motivated and transformed thousands of lives domestically and abroad with difficult and complex challenges, but only a few special ones make it into our success stories catalog. Here is one such fat to fit transformation of our client Jasmeen. Residing in New Zealand she reached out to us in hopes of losing her increasing weight, affecting her mentally and physically. She was also stressed because she was having issues with her body image.

Our Role In Helping Jasmeen

Because Jasmeen works in healthcare, she was exposed to societal pressures, and her mental health was severely affected. To cope with this, our dietitian worked closely with her and gave her full confidence, and motivated her to do her best. Our team of experts worked closely with her to create a routine and habit-specific customized plan for her. As a result, you can see her fat-to-fit transformation in the after picture.

Challenges Faced

The challenges in her journey were initially irregular menstrual cycles. She also suffered from bloating and hyperacidity problems due to her chai/tea drinking mistakes. Our dietitian took all of her likes and dislikes into consideration when planning her diet. During her transformation from fat to fit, Jasmeen became demotivated and eventually decided to quit, but our experts gave her hope and supported her in every way. We noticed that the hardest part was managing her mental health while keeping her dietary needs in check.

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Results Of Her Fat To Fit Transformation

This is a story where our client has made great progress from start to finish. Not only did she lose 23 kg in just 100 days, but all her medical problems such as bloating and hyperacidity were solved. Moreover, thanks to our diet, she now feels stress-free and energetic. Jasmeen was a bit hesitant initially, but since the first instance of success, she has never stopped. Moreover, she still continues with us and is dedicated enough to achieve her goals. Hats off to you Jasmeen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does counting calories help in weight loss?

Ans: It is not the best way to lose weight, instead, go for a customized diet that is suitable according to your health requirements. For a free consultation regarding diet plans connect us at +91-9402850007.

Q: Can I drink green tea while on a weight loss journey?

Ans: Yes, you can drink it by planning in a proper way. Green tea may help and benefit you in weight loss but over-exploiting and consumption won’t do any good to you.

Q: Which tea is best for weight loss?

Ans: Some of the most preferred tea for weight loss is green tea, black tea, hibiscus tea, and chamomile tea.

Q: Can we eat salad at night?

Ans: It is always advisable to have a light dinner. If your digestive capacity is good, but if you don’t have a good digestion system then don’t go for a salad.

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