Jasmeen’s 23 kgs weight loss transformation

weight loss transformation

23 kgs gone in 200 days

weight loss transformation

Her journey

Here is Jasmeen’s 23 kgs weight loss transformation story. Residing in New Zealand, she reached out to us with the hope of losing those extra kilos due to which she had to go through both mentally and physically. Also, she was stressed out because of her body- image issues.

How did we help?

Jasmeen is a health care worker so she had to meet up with societal pressure. Her mental health was much disturbed. Thus, to cope up with the same, our dietitian worked closely with her and gave her full confidence and motivated her to perform her best. As a result, you can see her after the picture 😉

Her challenges

The challenges in her journey initially were irregular menses cycles. Also, she suffered from bloating and acidity issues. Our dietitian kept in mind all her likes and dislikes while planning her diet.

What she achieved after joining us?

She not only lost 23 kg in just 200 days but and, with our customized diet, all such medical concerns like bloating and acidity are resolved. Also with our diet, she feels street-free and lighter now.

Jasmeen was dicey when she started but since then she has never stopped. Moreover, she is still continuing with us and is dedicated enough to reach her goals. Kudos to you Jasmeen mam. 🥳🥳

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