Jaundice Diet To Recover Quickly (What To Eat And Avoid)

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Jaundice Diet

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Jaundice is one of the diseases that everyone has been hearing since they were a child. This is, however, because it has been very common and a person of any age can suffer from it. But there is no disease at least now, that does not have a cure, and similarly, jaundice can be treated safely with a proper jaundice diet. Yes, what matters the most is your diet while suffering from any disease or even if you are ok, as it is the key to staying healthy and away from any health issues. So, it is time to say goodbye to disease and welcome a healthy you.

What Is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a common disease that surely, you must have heard of. It is, however, the condition when your skin, whites of the eyes(sclera), and mucous membranes turn yellow. This is due to the high level of bilirubin which is a yellow bile pigment. Further, for your information, bilirubin is the waste material that is caused due to the improper working of the liver. However, jaundice can occur in any age group, call it from a baby to elder people.

Causes Of Jaundice

The cause of jaundice could be any of the three phases in bilirubin production.

Phase 1 – This is before the bilirubin is produced and you might have unconjugated jaundice due to increased levels of bilirubin further, caused by:

  • Blood clot under the skin which is called reabsorption of a large hematoma
  • The removal of blood cells from the bloodstream before their life span, known as Hemolytic anemias 

Phase 2 – So, in this, jaundice occurs during the production of bilirubin, further, caused by:

  • Hepatitis A, chronic Hepatitis B, and C are all viruses and also, infectious mononucleosis.
  • Alcohol
  • Disorder of autoimmune 
  • Defects of rare genetic metabolic
  • Medicines like acetaminophen toxicity, penicillins, oral contraceptives, or anabolic steroids

Phase 3 – This is the third phase in which jaundice causes blockage of the bile ducts after bilirubin is produced.

  • Gallstones.
  • Swelling of the gallbladder.
  • Gallbladder cancer
  • Pancreatic tumor

Symptoms Of Jaundice

Talking about the symptoms, then sometimes, you might not get to know about them but may be found accidentally. However, the severity depends on the causes and at what pace the disease is developing. 

So, if jaundice is for a short term and is caused by an infection then its symptoms might include as follows. 

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Abdominal pain
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Change in skin color
  • Dark-colored urine and/or clay-colored stool.

While, on the other side, if you notice weight loss or itchy skin could, however, be the symptoms of jaundice. Also, if it is caused due to pancreatic or biliary tract cancers, abdominal pain is the common symptom. Other symptoms, in this case, could be, 

Chronic hepatitis or inflammation of the liver.

  • Pyoderma gangrenosum is a type of skin disease.
  • Acute hepatitis A, B, or C.
  • Polyarthralgias which is the inflammation of the joints.

Diagnosis Of Jaundice

So, doctors diagnose jaundice by checking for signs of liver disease as follows.

  • Bruising of the skin.
  • Abnormal collection of blood vessels near the surface of the skin which is called spider angiomas.
  • Palms and fingertips turn red which is called palmar erythema.
  • Urine testing or urinalysis, if positive then a person has conjugated jaundice and is further, confirmed by serum testing.
  • Also, doctors might determine the tenderness and size of the liver by examining it by 

Your doctor will also do an exam to determine the size and tenderness of your liver. He or she ultrasonography, CT scanning, and liver biopsy.

Diet For Jaundice Patient

Jaundice is a disease that you can cure with a proper diet. You have to be careful of what you eat as it might affect your liver. Therefore, below is the jaundice diet chart that will help you recover quickly and safely. 

Meal 1 

Luke warm water

Meal 2 

Poha, vermicelli, potato sandwich or sooji up

Meal 3 

Sweet lassi or buttermilk or sugarcane juice

Meal 4 

Curd rice, khichdi, dalia with radish in salad

Meal 5 

Any low fat dessert like custard, suji kheer

Meal 6

roti with light vegetable, or dal rice and curd

Foods You Should Include In Jaundice Diet

Apart from the given diet for jaundice patients, it is important to know the foods that you should eat.

foods to eat and avoid

1. Water

Water is, however, very important to add to your jaundice diet.

  • Drinking water during jaundice helps your liver work properly.
  • It also prevents dehydration in the body.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can never go wrong in improving your health.

  • Food rich in antioxidants and fiber, like fruits and vegetables, however, prevents your liver from getting damaged.
  • Moreover, they help in better digestion of food. Some of them are pumpkin, tomato, cranberries, tomato, carrot, ginger, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, etc.

3. Coffee Or Tea

Coffee and tea are also antioxidant-rich beverages.

  • Drinking coffee also helps during jaundice as they help lower the risk of liver conditions, cancer, and fibrosis by slowing down the progress.
  • Also, it is good for digestion.

4. Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in liver-friendly nutrients and are the best jaundice treatment food

  • Moreover, they contain healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals beneficial for your health.
  • Food like oats is rich in beta-glucan which further improves liver functioning.

5. Nuts And Legumes

These are must to include in your jaundice diet.

  • They are, however, vitamin E-rich foods and also, rich in antioxidants and phenolic acid. 
  • Also, contain a good amount of fiber and healthy fats that benefit liver health. 

6. Lean Protein

During jaundice, you should intake good protein.

  • Add tofu, legumes, and fish to your jaundice diet, as they exert less stress on the liver.
  • Also, salmon and mackerel are good sources of protein, omega-3, and zinc, which further aid in metabolism.

What To Avoid In Jaundice Diet?

A diet chart for a jaundice patient, should not include the below foods.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is the first thing that you should cut down on during jaundice.

  • Alcohol might damage the liver more during jaundice, as it is already sensitive to that time.
  • However, it is best to avoid it completely even after you recover, if alcohol was the reason for jaundice.

2. Fat

Your jaundice diet can have fatty foods but in moderation or as recommended by doctors.

  • However, fatty foods are not a very good option to add to a jaundice diet, as they might lead to fat accumulation in the liver.
  • Moreover, saturated fats are more difficult for the liver to digest during jaundice than unsaturated fat.

3. Sugar

If you want your liver to improve, then you will have to lessen the intake of sugar.

  • Sugar of any type, call it refined or processed, can lead to the accumulation of liver fat, as sugar is sugar.
  • You can, however, choose a fruit or low-sugar yogurt instead of sugary food, as it will also help in reducing extra strain on the liver.

4. Sodium

  • A diet rich in sodium can damage your liver and also cause water retention.
  • Also, make sure that you cut down the canned foods and substitute them with natural herbs like onion powder, garlic powder, or oregano for flavor.

Important Tips During Jaundice Diet

While fighting jaundice, the best trick is to keep a balanced food journal and diet.

  • Split your meals into smaller meals instead of eating 3 large meals in a day
  • Keep drinking water to stay hydrated 
  • Avoid sugar in your coffee or tea.
  • Substitute milk or whole cream with low-fat milk
  • Instead of alcohol, drink low-calorie mocktails

Important Dos And Don’ts 

Following are the dos and don’ts that you must follow to cure your jaundice at a good pace.

Limit the intake of alcoholDo not eat spicy or packaged foods
Eat nutritious food
Avoid every kind of drugs
Take enough rest
Do not take illicit medicines
Get regular health check-ups
Stay home until you don’t get okay
Stay away from industrial pollutionDo not skip medicines

You Were Wrong About Health

Do you know what actually health is? Or are you living in your own myths and imagination? Well, to know all about it, watch this video by Dietitian Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Add Turmeric To Jaundice Diet?

Ans. Yes, you can add turmeric to your food. Not eating yellow during jaundice is nothing but just a myth.

Q. Can Jaundice Diet Has Dairy Products?

Ans. No, dairy products should completely be avoided, like butter, buttermilk, curd, and even eggs.

Q. Is Vitamin D Important To Add To Jaundice Diet?

Ans. Yes, vitamin D rich foods are very important during jaundice as it reduces bilirubin levels in jaundiced neonates.

Q. Can You Consume Cold Beverages In Jaundice Diet?

Ans. You can consume fresh juice only on the recommendation of the doctor. Also, make sure you do not add ice or drink cold but at room temperature.

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Bottom Line

Jaundice can be cured at home safely and healthily, despite, age. Yes, Fitelo has provided you with a jaundice diet, recommended by the best dietitians of Fitelo, and is also, easy to follow. However, not eating yellow food during jaundice is just a wrong rumor that you might be living with. The only food you should avoid is unhealthy and can trigger the symptoms of jaundice. To make this also, easy for you we have mentioned the foods to eat and avoid during this disease.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.
Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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