Jyoti’s before and after weight loss success story

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Apr 2021

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before and after weight loss success story

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Jyoti’s journey

Read Jyoti’s before and after weight loss success story with just Ghar ka khana, as prescribed by us. Ever imagined losing weight with just kitchen-based food aka Ghar ka khana? She reached out to us with her medical concern and also being overweight. She was extremely tensed due to the extra kilos she had gained suddenly due to her poor lifestyle that included no physical activity.

How did we help?

Jyoti, from DELHI, had a concern about Uric acid and also wanted to shed off her excess kilos. Our dietitian worked closely with her considering her medical concerns and all her likes and dislikes. We even planned to cheat meals for her and some easy peezy home-based food for her to manage the diet without any pressure.

Zero physical activity

She is a French teacher so she generally did work from home due to covid and also did not perform much physical activity even a 30 min walk due to her hectic schedule. It might not be a big thing for you while reading it but a great achievement for us and Jyoti mam.

What she achieved after joining us?

Jyoti mam has been very dedicated to her diet regime. She followed our instructions very strictly and was also determined enough to reach her goal. And the result can also be seen in her success story.

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