Here Is The Inspiring Kamalpreet Weight Loss Journey That Will Amaze You

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jan 2023

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Kamalpreet Weight Loss Journey

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So, Fitelo has done amazing transformations and has several counts of weight loss success stories. Whether it was helping in weight loss with any type of health concern, or whether it was a simple weight loss. But talking about this one, here the case was different because this client Kamalpreet had a stuck weight.
Kamalpreet weight loss journey is an interesting one and is one of the weight loss inspiration stories that will inspire you too to push yourself toward your fitness goal. So, let us read about her.

Kamalpreet Weight Loss Journey = Kamalpreet Transformation

Talking about Kamalpreet is a hard-working woman and has always been determined about her fitness. She was on her weight loss journey but at a point, her weight got stuck and did not reduce even after putting in so much effort. So, then what came to her mind was Fitelo, and then she contacted us.

Fitelo’s Contribution Toward Kamalpreet Weight Loss Journey

When we got a call from Kamalpreet, one of the expert dietitians talked to her. She was unable to lose weight and wanted a diet plan for weight loss that could help her lose inches. So, then the dietitians understood her lifestyle which was a busy one, and also when asked about her liking and dislike she was very specific about the. She told us that she loves eating eggs and mushrooms but hates papaya or papaya shakes.
Well, then a customized diet plan was made for her and also, had cheat meals in it. Moreover, the diet did not include any complicated meals but had easy-to-cook dishes. Because she told us what she likes, we made sure we added those food types to her diet plan for weight loss.

As a result, she noticed a weight loss in her body and transformed herself into a beautiful slim woman. Although she was beautiful earlier also, this time it was something different.

A Must Watch Video For The Stuck Weight

Watch this video, if you are unable to lose weight even after doing a proper diet.

Possible Reasons For Your Stuck Weight

Below are some common reasons of stuck weight.

  • You are not keeping a track of what you are eating, and when you are eating, which spoils the weight loss pattern.
  • Doing less intake of protein, can also, be one of the main reasons for you not losing weight.
  • It is possible, that you are eating foods that are high in calories may be because you aren’t aware of the nutritional value of that dish.
  • Maybe you are skipping your meals like lunch or dinner, which is again one of the bad weight loss tips any dietitian would give.
  • Maybe you are eating processed foods more than whole food thinking it is healthy.
  • Moreover, along with a diet, it is important to do some sort of physical exercise which is important for any weight loss journey.
  • You are probably binge eating, which means eating too much in one meal and then avoiding the other meal.
  • It is, however, possible that you are still drinking too much sugary beverages along with a good diet.
  • Maybe your sleeping pattern is not so well, because sleeping for good hours also play an important role in the weight loss journey.
  • It is also, possible that in a diet, you are taking too many carbs, which can again be the reason for stuck weight.
  • You also, might have any health concern which is affecting your journey of weight loss.
  • Moreover, this is one of the possible reasons that you have been dieting for quite a long time and have not to give yourself a break.
  • Weight could be also, stuck because you are not drinking plenty of water.
  • The other main reason could be a slow or bad metabolism and to know the reason watch the below video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Kamalpreet Weight Loss Journey Was A Success?

Ans: Yes, totally it was. Although her weight was stuck at a point but after taking a diet plan from Fitelo, she was able to lose.

Q. Can Stuck Weight Lead To Weight Gain?

Ans: Stuck weight can not ofcourse lead to weight loss, but also can not lead to weight gain, because it is stuck at one point.

Q. Is Weight Loss In 60 Days Possible?

Ans: Yes, weight loss in 2 months is possible. But for this you will have to take a proper diet plan so that you know what to eat, how to eat. If at the same time you want tasty food then contact Fitelo.

Q. Is It Easy To Lose Weight If It Is Once stuck?

Ans: Yes, it is easy to lose weight especially if you do a diet in the guidance of a proper dietitian. You can also, watchis another weight loss transformation and get motivated.

Fun Fact

Often there is a surprise invitation that comes to the house, inviting you to a wedding. However, instead of making you excited, it panics you. May be because you are just eating and eating and gaining weight. Further, you think of what to wear because you feel you don’t have time to lose weight and nothing might look good on you, correct? Well, so this 7 day diet plan, is specially designed for you which you can follow and fit. This will help you fit into your favorite lehenga and gracefully walk into the wedding.

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