Kanika’s battle against PCOD and weight gain.

?? 19 KGs Gone 4 Months

?? Many Many Inches Gone

?? PCOD getting better

?? Skin Issues Resolved

Kanika Grover from DELHI reached out to with her problem of obesity. She has been obese for the most part of her life and due to this, she had started to get many other health concerns.

She has PCOD, she has SLEEP PROBLEMS, she has VERTIGO, she has SKIN ISSUES and she often feels bloated. She is ALLERGIC to Vitamin C.

Being a FREELANCER and managing a family, she works from home and manages her family at the same time.

We worked with Kanika and created a customized diet plan for her. Since she has a very busy lifestyle, she doesn’t have a lot of time for strict or fad diets. We gave her really easy to cook options.

It was her hard work and dedication, Kanika lost 19 Kgs and many inches in less than 4 months. Her PCOD is getting better and her skin issues are resolved. She feels more energetic and positive about herself now.

As a next step, we have started working on her toning as well which includes some exercise. After you lose a lot of fat from your body, some toning is required. We continue to work with Kanika as she gets closer to a healthy lifestyle.

We are so proud of Kanika, let’s keep going.

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