Weight Loss Story: 12 kgs down in 60 Days Without Exercise

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Aug 2021

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Weight Loss Story

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Weight Loss Story

Karanvir Singh a hardworking professional in the High Court from Chandigarh was very worried about his increasing weight. He had a ligament operation because of which he was finding it hard to work out. He was in search of someone who could help him lose weight without exercise. His perseverance and our guidance helped us overcome a number of challenges and graph the results you see. So, let’s read the few challenges he experienced in his Weight Loss Story.

Challenge 1-  Ligament Surgery 

Karanvir experienced ligament surgery because of which he wished to avoid heavy workouts. We didn’t force him to work out till his tongue was sticking out instead used the power of food. Our dietitians planned a diet for Karanvir which helped him lose weight and didn’t require him to sweat crazy.

Challenge 2-  Busy Busy Life 

Busy work life is a part and parcel of the world we live in. So if you’re waiting for the right time mind you folks it’ll never come because the right time is NOW. Our dietitians worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect diet plan that helped keep Karanvir on his toes without getting tired. Karanvir claims that he feels a lot more energetic now.

Challenge 3- Remaining On Track 

Weight gain and weight loss are both processes. So, to keep at it and not giving up is what makes the difference. Karanvir often felt like calling it quits but he would always speak to his dietitian and would get back on track to finish the race. In the end guys, the number of times you slipped doesn’t matter when you have crossed the finish line.

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