Karminder Weight Loss Transformation | Shed 16 kg in 3 months

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Jun 2022

2 min read
karminer weight loss transformation

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Today we will talk about the amazing weight loss transformation of Mr Karminder Singh who works in the cooperative sector. He reached us through Facebook and was concerned about his extra weight and belly fat. He wanted to get in shape and look fit. We asked about his schedule, body, food likes and dislikes, or if he has any medical concerns. As he did not have any medical issues, so we put him directly in the weight loss diet program.

Challenges In Karminder Weight Loss Transformation Journey

Mr Karminder Singh had no specific choice of food except only healthy and homemade. So we made sure that we give him a diet plan that would be easy for him to follow and easy for his mom to cook.

As he only preferred homemade food, we added a good variety of meals to his diet plan for him to eat. While we included a cheat day on Sundays for him, we also made sure he walked 5 km. as it would contribute to losing extra inches and belly fat.

Our Reward

Besides having a busy work life, he was very dedicated to his goal of losing weight. He lost 16 kgs in only 3 months which is a distant goal for some. Karminder Singh was thankful to us for fulfiling his weight loss desire but we thank him too for being so cooperative. He followed the diet given by our master dietitian without being finicky and choosy. Therefore, weight loss is hard work and not magic.

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