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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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Muskaan weight loss

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15 Kgs Post-Pregnancy Weight Gone In Just 100 Days ! 🤩

Muskaan Kaur from Ludhiana reached out to our nutritionist for PCOS 3 Months ago with her concern about weight gain after pregnancy. She was struggling to lose all that post-pregnancy flab. In addition to that, she was suffering from both PCOD & Thyroid. Both these are metabolic disorders which made her metabolism extremely slow. As a result, she hit 81 kg post-pregnancy! 😥

Moreover, Muskaan is a complete foodie. So, our nutritionist for PCOS planned cheat meals for her every weekend. The nutritionist created a customized diet plan for her and also took care of her schedule while also ensuring that her diet plan includes things that she likes. We even planned healthy outside options which she could take in case she was travelling.

The nutritionist also took care of her skin health. Fitelo’s nutritionist for PCOS planned skin rejuvenating recipes like Skin Glow Shot Recipe, Carrot Celery Juice Recipe, and The Mango Beetroot Smoothie Recipe as most women end up with saggy skin post-pregnancy. So, Muskaan restored her skin’s elasticity and suppleness as well. By the end, she was extremely happy with the results and satisfied with the nutritionist’s job. As she managed to come down to 66 kg from 81 kg along with major inch loss!

Muskaan is an inspiration for all the young mothers who have lost all hopes of getting back in shape and hence, become depressed by this thought.

We are so proud of you, Muskaan! 😇

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