Sudhir’s weight loss journey with a busy work lifestyle and that too with night shifts!


Written by Sahil

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Sudhir has a busy schedule being a manager in a well-known company. He works in night shifts and stays alone in Chandigarh with his weekend being spent in Patiala with his family. This means a very tough lifestyle – a lot of outside food, travel on weekends, not being able to sleep well, and eat well.

We understood all of these challenges and managed to create a diet plan for him that could fit into his lifestyle. Sudhir was highly dedicated to losing the belly and the extra weight.

There were times when his weight got stuck and he felt demotivated. But he kept going. He kept following the regimen. Starting at a weight of 125 kgs earlier this year, Sudhir is not at 89 kgs and he still keeps going.

After being stuck for a few weeks, Sudhir lost 7 Kgs in the month of August from the comfort of his home by using our customized diet plan and our app Fitelo.

Transformations do not happen overnight. You have to be patient and just keep going even when there are phases of your weight being stuck. Everything is possible.

For Sudhir, he is not going to stop. Having a strong passion for running and gym, Sudhir is ready to take it to the next level !! Hats off of you Sudhir, for giving us an opportunity to work with you. You inspire us !!

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