Read Chaavi’s Hypothyroidism success story


Jul 2021

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losing weight with hypothyroidism success stories

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15 Kgs Gone in 180 Days, a hypothyroidism success story.

losing weight with hypothyroidism success story

Her background story

Chhavi Malhotra, a beautiful housewife from New Delhi approached us worried about her increasing weight. Being a housewife, she requires to be on her toes all day long. Moreover, this does not spare her much time to look after herself. Concerned about her health she was in search of a dietitian to guide her the right way through the course of her journey. Then, after coming across our Facebook handle, she was sure that Fitelo was a perfect choice. Thus, read her journey of losing weight with a hypothyroidism success story.

Challenge 1- Thyroid Condition

  • Chhavi suffers from thyroid and was also worried about losing weight with this condition.
  • Our dietitians, however, studied her case and lifestyle closely to come up with a diet plan that would not only help her shed weight but also improve her thyroid.
  • Thus, food yet again did wonders and Chhavi lost 15 kg and her thyroid levels were also normalized.

Challenge 2- She Is A Foodie

  • Chhavi is a foodie and also loves experimenting with her food choices. We took this behavior and prepared a diet plan in such a way that,
  • Our dietitians came up with new & interesting food options for her that helped her enjoyed the food and lose weight simultaneously. Isn’t that great?

Challenge 3- Busy Life

  • Chhavi is a lovely homemaker who has to remain on her toes constantly. This usually leaves her no time to worry about her health.
  • But who says that health can’t be taken care of with busy schedules?
  • Our dietitians came up with the perfect diet plans that were easy to make and perfectly fit into her lifestyle.
  • After having lost all the weight, Chhavi feels a lot more enthusiastic and also encourages others out there to take care of their health.

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