Lost 13kg in 55 days & Visible Inch loss


Written by Sahil

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Personality Change not just weight loss

Jaspreet from Chandigarh lost 13kg in 55 days & Visible Inch loss.

After following our customized diet plan for just 55 days, Jaspreet lost 13kgs without any supplements or medicines. There were no fancy meals or products. We helped her to get disciplined and have an overall better lifestyle.

Way to go girl ! We are so proud of you.

Jaspreet has a Job profile which includes a lot of travel and she hardly gets time to cook or prepare things for herself. She was looking for easy cooking and preparations and meals which she can have from outside so all her diets were customized accordingly.

Jaspreet has lost her weight several times in the past and every time it bounced back.

We worked on her lifestyle change and the diet plans we prepared for her included taking care of her skin and hair too rather than just focussing on weight loss. We worked on improving her habits too.

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