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Japleen Kaur
Japleen Kaur
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This No Sugar, High-fibre Srikhand Recipe should be next on your dessert craving list 😛
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srikhand recipe
  • Soak the pitted dates in lukewarm or warm water for a few hours.
  • Then, remove the soaked dates, and also do not forget to save the water.
  • Puree the dates in a blender and then add the soaking water until they attain a paste-like consistency.
  • Also, add some salt or cinnamon to this paste to add flavor to this paste.
  • Now mix the date pate in curd using a whisker to get an even consistency.
  • Then, slowly mix the crushed almonds in the curd mix
  • Also, pour the curd mix in Kullad or any utensil of your choice.
  • Then, garnish it by sprinkling cardamom powder, Kesar strands, and crushed pistachio.

Health Benefits of Srikhand Recipe

  • Srikhand is composed with the richness and fiber of dry fruits which keeps you fuller for long and provides the required body oxidation.
  • Curd is good for digestion as it’s a natural probiotic that can improve your digestion and can prevent bloating too.
  • Kesar (Saffron) is known for curbing appetite and aiding in the weight loss process. Dates promote Brain health and are a natural sweetening agent.
  • Almonds are vitamin rich and the good fat in almonds stimulates the weight loss process.

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