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As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and lunch is a close runner-up. Lunch provides around one-third of our daily nutritional needs, so it’s important to put some thought and planning into them. Hence we have curated the list of 10 high-protein lunch ideas for weight loss for your comfort.

Is There Any Ideal Time For Having Lunch?

Generally, it is recommended to have lunch 4-5 hours after you have your breakfast. In between, you can have small snack periods but those are not solidly necessary. That is so because the reason is your body is at its full potential to work up the nutrients.

Above all, Your body needs fuel, just like a car, If you don’t provide it, your body will break down muscle tissue to generate it. Those who skip meals or rely on junk food end up overeating or binge snacking on less nutritious foods due to extreme hunger and that can lead to weight gain.

Do you also have inconsistent schedules and irregular patterns of consuming your meals? Check out this video to know more about the ideal time to eat for weight loss.

High Protein Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss

We are here with the best and most unique lunch ideas for weight loss. Let’s go through them in detail and save it for later.

1. Paneer Kathi Roll

Looking for Vegetarian love, you have got it in this easy-to-eat, loaded, and very delicious paneer Kathi roll recipe. Though Paneer is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins, it is also beneficial in promoting heart health and brain function. We Knew this will melt your taste buds.

2. Green Gram Dosa

While Normal homemade dosas are healthy, this green gram dosa will be super nutritious additionally. Green gram is an excellent source of iron thus making this a perfect option for your protein-packed lunch.

3. Quinoa Chilla: One Of The Best Lunch Ideas

It is a great source to produce energy in your body and regulate glucose levels in your blood. No doubt quinoa and Dalia are one of the healthiest and most protein-packed food items out there. Moreover, it is a pretty good source of energy.

4. Almond Flour Roti

Although the name signifies this being high in carbs, we promise you almond flour rotis make amazing workout buddies.  It will keep you full for longer periods of time and also helps cure your digestive issues. 

5. Scrambled Tofu

Vegetarians, we would like to grab your attention to this edgy and unique recipe. A win-win recipe for all the ladies looking for an anti-ageing source of high protein and vegan recipe. Moreover, Tofu has more protein than paneer or egg and is cholesterol-free.

6. Soya Sandwich

What’s better than a sandwich to satisfy your lunch cravings, no and it even puts a feather in the cap when it is also guilt-free. Try out this Soya Sandwich with a blend of your favourite veggies in your lunch.

7. Bajre Ki Khichdi

Bajra khichdi besides being high in protein, relieves constipation, detox and eliminates toxins, and promotes good skin and eye health. It plays a major role if you are on a journey of weight loss too.

8. Buckwheat Pulao

Kuttu, better known as buckwheat, is highly protein rich along with being a good source of fiber and protein. You can have this along with curd for a natural immunity-boosting food combination and relish the unique taste.

We designed this recipe in contrast to the very popular kuttu roti and made it healthier.

9. Bajra Dosa

Millets are the greatest source to boost your energy and metabolism. In contrast, Bajra has a low-calorie density, thus aiding weight loss. So, if you are on a diet or watching your weight you can definitely choose this as a lunch option.

10. Exotic vegetables with garlic sauce

All in one, this macro nutrient-filled dish will help you satisfy all your body’s nutrient needs. You can have this with your favourite rice or roti and finally, you can plan this for your lunch or dinner too.

Do You Eat Or Drink Your Lunch?

You cannot skip this question, being in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle we know people don’t make effort in having a healthy meal during their lunchtime. Nevertheless, we can’t blame anyone but should you drink or eat or (maybe both) during your luncheon.

One of the reasons we ask you this question is because of its impact on your weight loss so we recommend you to have a fresh juice or maybe a glass of milk with your lunch, but drink it in a gap of 20-35 mins after having your meal. If you feel sleepy after consuming both, stick to only eating a well-balanced and proportionate diet.

To Summarize

Prioritize your meals, you deserve it!
We completely understand because of the present day’s hassle and societal culture, Quite a lot of us are skipping meals time and again as it feels easy, but try to make an effort and stick to a regular eating pattern. In fact, studies have shown that people who take the time to have their lunch, at work, are more productive, and have higher levels of well-being and lower levels of stress. SO, try these effective lunch ideas today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Best Meal For Lunch?

Ans: To make your lunch ideal for health then try to include nutritious rich food items such as protein salads, vegetables, chapattis, rice, soup, etc. You can also try new recipes regularly to avoid boredom.

Q: Which Is The Best Time To Eat Lunch

Ans: The ideal time to eat lunch is between 2 pm to 3 pm each day. At this time your metabolism is at its peak which helps digest your food quickly, improves your digestive system also promotes weight loss.

Q: Which Is The Ideal Lunch Ideas For Weight Lose?

Ans: Many of us think that by skipping lunch, we can lose weight but this is not the right way to achieve our weight loss goals. Health experts recommend, never skip your lunch. You can have light meals such as quinoa chilla, exotic vegetables with garlic sauce, etc. to make you healthy and perfect for weight loss.


What do you do for your late-night sugar cravings?
Given that it’s a universal fact – our khana is incomplete without meetha, we have to talk about dessert after explaining the full-time main course. Here’s a simple yet effective late-night sugar craving hack!


Avoid having outside food as your lunch, instead, try to have a packed homemade lunchbox ready keeping these high-protein lunch ideas for weight loss in mind. In fact, According to the WHO, a balanced lunch improves productivity by as much as 20 percent.

So, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

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