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Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Oct 2022

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Malpua Recipe

Total Time

25 Minutes

  • Almond Flour - 1/2 Cup
  • Milk - 1 Cup
  • Malai - 2-3 Tbsp
  • Crushed Fennel Seeds - 1/2 Tbsp
  • Desi Ghee - 2-3 Tbsp
  • Stevia/Date Syrup - 1/4 Tbsp
  • Cardamom Pods - 4
  • Saffron - A Pinch
  • Malpua is a traditional Indian sweet mostly popular in the state of Odisha. It is prepared during the festival of Poush Sankranti in Bengal and in Holi in North India. Malpua recipe has a pancake-like delicacy that is prepared during many other festivals in Indian homes. Easy and quick, the malpua recipe has simple ingredients, full of flavor.

    But here is the idea to make malpua in a healthier way to satisfy sweet cravings while not overloading with sugar and unwanted calories. In this upcoming festival season like Dussehra, Karwachauth, Diwali let’s bake low-carb sugar-free malpua in a healthier way than its traditional counterpart. Our malpua will be: 

    • baked, not fried.
    • sugar-free.
    • low-carb because of almond flour.

    Without delay, let’s learn this low-carb and sugar-free malpua recipe.

    How To Prepare Malpua Recipe

    Let’s segregate the preparation of the main ingredients in the recipe:

    Here are the Steps:

    Sift the Flour

    • Firstly, in a bowl, take almond flour.
    • Use a sieve to sift the flour so that no lumps are left.

    Prepare the Batter

    • To begin with, add a cup of table cream /coconut milk or coconut cream to the almond flour.
    • Crush fennel seeds and add them to the mixture. And whisk well until smooth and all ingredients are well incorporated.
    • If the batter feels thick, add milk which is the best calcium source to get the right consistency.
    • In the meantime, you can preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

    Prepare the Sugar-free Syrup for Malpua

    • The first step is to boil two cups of water in a pan.
    • Then, add a pinch of kesar (saffron) and 2-3 cardamom pods.
    • Now, add the swerve/stevia or date syrup sweetener of your choice.
    • Bring the mixture to a boil.
    • Allow the mixture to thicken a bit on a low flame.

    Make the Pancakes

    • Firstly, heat a griddle and brush it with desi ghee.
    • Pour a batter onto the griddle. 
    • Again, cook them at a medium to low temperature.
    • When pancakes start turning brown around the edges, flip them.
    • Let both sides brown before transferring each malpua to a greased baking dish.

    Bake Until Crispy

    • Now bake the pancakes/malpuas until they are crispy. 
    • The process took just 6-7 minutes in a preheated oven.

    Note: Also, you can skip baking if you like a soft malpua.

    Dip in Syrup

    • Turn off the flame and allow the syrup to cool a bit.
    • Then, dip the hot and crispy malpua in the warm syrup and allow them to stay for a minute.
    • Place them on a platter. Also, you can garnish malpua with chopped nuts and saffron.
    • In addition, if you want you can serve it with extra syrup.
    • Finally, enjoy baked low-carb sugar-free malpua with some cream (malai) or as it is.

    Nutritional Value of Malpua

    This recipe yields 10-12 small pancakes or malpuas. Each serving has:

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