Maninder’s 30 days incredible weight loss story

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Jan 2021

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maninder fat to fit transformation

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Do you have no time for self-care? Do you also have hectic schedules? Have minimal time for cooking meals? Do not worry, our customized and efficient plans will do the work for you. For an example regarding the same, read maninder and his wife’s incredible fat to fit transformation story below and get inspired.

Challenges Faced

Maninder and his wife from Bombay reached out to us for online nutrition counseling with their increased weight concerns. Being a businessman, he hardly had any time for staying active throughout the day and he even had hypertension issues. Our dietitian worked closely with them giving them special care for the mentioned needs. Moreover, we had to customize his diet considering his love for non-veg foods and the sweet tooth that he had. Since his hectic schedules were a major challenge for our dietitian, we monitored his progress throughout and planned his regimen accordingly with focus on improving his lifestyle.

Positive Mindset

His determination and dedication throughout the journey were so inspiring that he never asked for meal replacements and followed the diet as prescribed. He was always curious to gather knowledge on packed foods and used to ask his dietitian for the things she planned. The diets planned included simple ghar ka khana, nothing fancy and were all according to his taste that were cooked healthily.

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Results Of The Transformation

We are really proud of Maninder and his wife’s fat to fit transformation. They lost 8.5 kgs in just 30 days and felt more enegetic than ever before. As a matter of fact, the recipes we planned for them became part of their everyday routine and they both still continue to maintain the lost weight. We wish both of them a healthy and cheerful life !!

Is Roti Good For Weight Loss?

A lot of people feel roti has a lot of carbs in it and is not good for weight loss. However, they prefer having bread slices etc instead of roti. But today we are about to break this myth. Watch the below video to understand better.

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