Marium Weight Loss Story Will Blow Your Mind!

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Feb 2023

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marium weight loss story

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Marium weight loss story is the recent successful transformation that we are sharing with your today. Just over 6 months ago, Marium was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. But marium was determined to make a change and get her life back on track. She started slow but steadily worked her way up, and now we are proud to say that marium has lost a total of 22 kgs in 180 days! She’s healthier, happier, and more confident than ever before. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, she achieved something she never thought she could do with the help of fitelo. With the right guidance and patience If marium could do it, you can do it too!

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Lifestyle Before Marium Weight Loss Story!

Marium, a working professional from Ontario, Canada reached out to Fitelo after getting to know about the fitelo obesity diet plan and how it tackles stuck weight issues.

A busy, hectic lifestyle abroad can easily lead to weight gain due to a combination of factors. Long working hours can make it difficult to find time for exercise, and the lack of time can also mean that it is hard to make healthy food choices.

Additionally, the increased stress associated with a busy lifestyle can lead to emotional eating, which can also contribute to weight gain.

Maintaining a healthy weight becomes even harder without sufficient rest and exercise. Finding ways to manage stress, such as taking time for yourself, can also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight but with a marium desk job, it was getting difficult for her to do any of this.

Her case was a tough nut to crack as the layer of fat she had on her body was a stubborn one, which made her hit a plateau.

How Fitelo Made Marium Weight Loss Story Possible?

Fitelo dietitians and marium’s consistency and patience are what made marium weight loss story possible, but before achieving her goals, there were certain challenges that she and the team at fitelo had to face:

The Challenges

Fitelo’s team of dietitians had to work on several aspects, starting from first the dietitian, the main focus was to reduce the fat percentage and work on the extra body fat that marium had. Followed by:

  • Targeting the water weight,
  • Then the adipose layer or stubborn fat,
  • Finally, working on toning her body.

The only challenge with Marium was that she needed easily available food as her job was hectic and time-consuming. So, her customized diet included an enormous variety to make it interesting. Marium lost weight by having her favorite foods and without any portion control.

So, after 180 days, Marium came 22 kgs down! This is a huge success for Marium as today, she feels more confident and much healthier.

How A Diet Plan Helped In Marium Weight Loss Story!

Being stuck at the same weight can be incredibly frustrating. You may have been trying to lose weight fast, but you’re just not seeing results. This can be a discouraging experience, but there are steps you can take to get back on track. One of the most effective ways to move past a plateau is to create a tailored diet plan, that’s what Fitelo did with marium as well.

A diet plan can be a powerful tool for helping you break through a weight loss plateau. A diet plan can help you stay accountable and ensure that you’re getting the right nutrients to support your health and weight loss goals.

It can also help you stay on track with your eating habits and identify areas where you may need to make changes. A diet plan can provide structure and make it easier to avoid temptation and make healthier choices.

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What We Do At Fitelo!

The first step in designing a diet plan is to determine your specific weight loss goals. Think about how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to reach your goals. It’s also important to consider any underlying health conditions that could affect your diet plan.

A diet plan designed by a dietitian team typically begins with an assessment of the patient’s health status and goals.

The dietitian team will then evaluate the patient’s current diet and lifestyle to determine what changes need to be made to meet the patient’s health goals.

The dietitian team will also provide nutritional education to help the patient understand the importance of eating a balanced diet and making healthy food choices.

The fitelo dietitian team will then create a personalized meal plan for the patient that includes foods that are healthy, nutritious, and enjoyable.

The meal plan will include, cheat meals, portion sizes, meal timing, and snacks. The dietitian team will also provide support and advice to help the patient stay on track with their diet plan.

Fitelo Diet Plans Have Cheat Meals, Say No To Boring Diets With Us!

Next time someone tells you diets are restrictive and boring tell them to contact fitelo, and we will break their myths. We believe in a healthy future but not in a temporary solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Start A Beginner’s Diet?

Ans. To start a beginner’s diet you need to consult a professional dietitian first to understand your body’s needs and issues according to which you will be given a diet plan for beginners. 

Q. How Do I Lose Weight Through Diet Only?

Ans. If you have a sitting job and no time to work out or exercise you can still lose weight by following a customized diet plan prescribed by a dietitian.

Q. What Is The Best Indian Diet For Weight Loss?

Ans. The best Indian diet plan for weight loss is one with a balanced diet that has all the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Fun Fact

Stuck weight? People often fail to understand how metabolism works and how it is responsible for the stuck and stubborn weight that refuses to let go even after working out. Therefore here is a simple way to understand metabolism and the reason behind stuck weight. Read More

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