First Nigerian Weight Loss Transformation Story 👩

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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Weight Loss Success Story

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7 Kgs Gone in 25 Days With Dramatic Inch Loss: Marium from Canada reached out to us a month back with her concerns. She wanted a weight loss diet. Also, more than her kilos, she was worried about her belly fat especially post-pregnancy. Let’s read Marium’s Weight Loss Transformation Story.

After reviewing her lifestyle, we had to set different kinds of targets for her. It was not only about weight loss but also about improving her health. Marium had a sedentary lifestyle that led to a few deficiencies.

It was challenging for us to understand her Nigerian way of eating. Planning the diet keeping in mind the availability of things and also considering her likes and dislikes in food.

It was her hard work and willingness to get better. Thus, Marium lost 7 Kgs and many inches in less than a month. Moreover, it was achieved without going to the gym or taking any supplements or medicines.

We are proud of you Marium. We have had clients who lost a lot of weight in a concise period. But with Marium we had a different set of challenges. However, she proved that our natural foods are enough to start leading a healthy lifestyle ^_^

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