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online nutritionist

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18 kgs gone in just 3 months

Are you not happy with the way you look???

online nutritionist
online nutritionist

Similar was the case with Meenakshi. Meenakshi from tarn- taran was searching for an online nutritionist. Thus, she found us while scrolling on Facebook. Meenakshi was fed up with the teasing and bullying she was experiencing over the extra weight she had.

So, she tried everything from the gym to take weight loss shakes and supplements but every time she was left disappointed. Her constant failures in losing weight made her anxious and depressed. This led her to over or stress eating. Even because of the over-weight, she used to look way older than her age.


So the major challenge, Team Fitelo faced was not just to: make her lose but motivate her throughout the journey and we left no stone unturned. We kept constant follow-ups, checking on her whether she is following her diet plan properly or not.

We also took care of her cravings, likes, and dislikes. Moreover, she had severe gastric issues which we needed to keep in mind while planning her diets.

In just 3 months, Meenakshi has lost 18kgs without any workout or adding any supplements. Even the sagginess of her skin is reduced. More than just weight loss, we worked on building healthy – habits and correcting her lifestyle. Meenakshi now has become a mindful eater, learning smartly how to deal with her hunger pangs.

We are so proud of your incredible transformation, Meenakshi. Kudos to you mam for your consistency and dedication throughout.

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